Will Green Card Ban Be Extended?

green card for permanent residency in the USA
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Do you know that every day more and more US immigration and entry regulations are coming into force? It may cause unpredictability. The US regulations began uncertainty among the winners and participants of the Green card. Several expert providers assist in several languages to the participants throughout the green card registration purposes and emigration processes. They can assist people with several immigration
problems and give them the best solutions to visit the USA. In 2020 April the immigration to the US was partially suspended for the first time. The suspension of a green card by the United States authorities applied for about two months. But what are other reasons? Why did President Donald Trump make this decision? Further, we will explore the reasons behind the suspension of green cards for immigration.

Why Ban on Green Cards?

It is vital to know about the terminologies behind the banning of green cards. The entry ban of a green card has now continued to apply for a long time. It is completely independent of the new immigration regulations. People named the Green card ban as a Traveling ban. It means that no one except the holders of green cards are allowed to visit the USA if they live in nearby cities in the last 14 days.   If you are right now living in a nation other than those referenced or have sufficient opportunity to go through the 14 days preceding your trip to the USA in a third nation. You can enter the USA with an ESTA as a business traveler with no issues. Besides, despite the fact that the entry ban of a green card is for an unlimited time. It will most likely be lifted a lot sooner than the new migration ban. The reasons behind this suspension are an increase in unemployment and severe corona pandemic. The latest immigration ban fundamentally influences everybody overall who would like to enter as
a tourist in the USA. Those people are expected to apply for a Green Card or a particular work visa. For this situation, even a diversion using another nation won’t help—the impacts of the new guideline for USA fans ready to emigrate on specific conditions. President Trump, in august, extends the ban on a green card for all new
immigrations. The President signed an agreed order on the suspension of new J, H-18, L-1, or working visas for managers, workers through the end of 2020. The green card ban’s objective is to secure 525,000 occupations due to job losses by COVID-18 pandemic.

What Are the New Exceptions to This Suspension?

Several people who want to visit the USA for specific purposes go through several financial issues and the USA authorizing allegations. However, some people are not affected by this suspension. The lists of following persons are still not affected due to suspension of green card ban or official proclamations by USA authorities.

 Green Card candidates who are in the USA and have applied for a status modification 
 Green Card holders inside and outside the USA 
 Applicants for an Investors Green Card 
 People who are hitched to a US resident and apply for a Green Card through them 
 People whose natural youngsters are unmarried US residents under 21 years old 

 People who are of public intrigue. It includes social insurance experts, food laborers, and many more. 

Influence of Green Card Ban for the Winners of DV- 2020

In the past, if you have won a DV-2020 but do not get an appointment at the US Consulate in this manner, things may work more offensive. In these cases, it will presumably not be conceivable to finish the cycle effectively. As indicated by the law authorities of the US, the foreigner visa may be approved until the end of 2020. Because of the extensions of the migration ban, this should not be conceivable. It isn’t difficult to win the lottery in a specific time. Those clients who miss their appointments due to this terrible immigration ban will again participate in the next green card lottery session.


As a result of allegations and exceptions announced by USA authorities, the entry ban still extended until the end of 2020. But it has not affected the persons who have a green card year’s lottery. The list of people who want to take part in the American Dream lottery plan can place their green card lottery tickets in the pool. After that, they will submit the form for a green card to US authorities. If you need to get the latest updates about the green card, you can visit i-immigrate official website.