Why Use Gym Divider Curtains?

gym divider curtains

Gym divider curtains are very beneficial for a number of reasons, and it is possible to have them installed in your new facility or an existing building. People use them to reduce game disruption, decrease the risk of injuries to spectators, as well as dividing a large gym area into smaller areas, and rent them to different organizations to increase net revenue.

Divide a Large Space into Smaller Spaces

One of the common uses of gym divider curtains is dividing a large space into smaller spaces and making it possible to use each space for a different purpose. You can conduct classes in different spaces, or have players practice different sports in different spaces. For example, in one half, people could be playing badminton, and on the other side of the curtain, people can be playing basketball.

You can get these curtains in a solid vinyl material to block the sightlines completely, ensuring privacy.

Reduce Game or Practice Interruption

Hanging gym divider curtains can reduce the chances of balls going from one area to the other. They should not be used as a hitting net, but they can stop larger balls, such as volleyballs, and basketballs from going to far away. There will be fewer interruptions, and players will be able to focus more on their game without interrupting other users of the gym hall.

Decrease the Risk of Injuries

If there are spectators or passersby around where games are being played, then placing gym divider curtains can decrease their chances of being hit by the ball. It will reduce the risk of injuries and liability claims.

Improve Rental Revenue

You can divide your large gym into smaller areas and rent each area to a separate organization to allow them to have their events. This will help you make the most out of your gym and increase your rental revenue.

Gym Divider Curtains by Facility Shield Mats

Facility Shield Mats offer a wide variety of gym divider curtains. They can be customized according to your or gym area needs. They allow gym owners to host different events in their single gym by placing curtains to divide the whole area into smaller spaces.

Gym divider curtains by the Facility Shield Mats have mesh at the top that allows the passage of air and light. The bottom part of the curtains has a solid bottom to block the sightlines and offer more durability.

You can get your gym curtain dividers designed according to your needs. There are many other reasons to choose Facility Shield Mats for your gym divider curtain needs because…

  • They can provide a curtain of your required dimensions that suits your organization’s architectural design.
  • Curtains are available in different materials such as solid vinyl, solid mesh, and a combination of mesh and vinyl.
  • Pockets are designed on heavy curtains that you can use to hang your curtains with chains or ropes.
  • You can get your organization’s name or logo printed on the curtains according to your requirements.
  • The curtain fabric is available in different colors to provide you different options to choose from.

Facility Shield Mats also offer a curtain suspension system made from galvanized steel. The suspension system provides protection to rollers against dust and supports the curtains throughout their life. So, if you need gym divider curtains, make sure you check them out by visiting https://facilityshieldmats.com/.