Why the Color of Your Suit is Important in Giving a First Impression

People often consider custom and made to measure suits for important occasions like a job interview, and a wedding. At these events, your suit’s color can help you visually convey your message and make a lasting impression.

They can influence a viewer subconsciously and may also change their behaviour with you, says CustomMen.com. That is why knowing the meaning of common suit colors like blue, black, grey, and brown is important to avoid miscommunication.

This article explains what black, grey, blue, and brown suits really say about your personality, qualities, and values.

What does black color say about you?

Black is a dominant color that represents power, aggression, and control (see here). If you are attending a business meeting and you want to give a message that you are in control, wearing a black suit would be a good choice. However, the color can be intimidating. Keep in mind that people may find it difficult to talk to you.

Experts believe that you should wear a light-colored tie with a black jacket. They also think that it better suits people with darker skin tones and hair color. In the fashion world, black is often considered one of the most glamorous and stylish colors.

What about the blue color?

The blue color is often associated with self-confidence and seriousness, says ChangingMinds. Experts believe a blue-colored suit is the best choice for a job interview. It looks professional without making you seem dominant and aggressive that black can make you look.

When you enter your interview room in a blue color suit, you look more professional, careful, and sensible. It helps you create a lasting impression on your interview panel, which increases your chances of getting the job.

And brown?

Brown color represents reliability, dependability, and safety. A person wearing a brown suit looks welcoming and easy to engage with. This color is often not chosen for formal suits.

The dark brown color looks better on people who have dark hair and skin color. It can look good on people with lighter features, too, based on how they carry themselves. The lighter shade of this color is preferred in warmer weather. All shades of brown give your suit an overall neutral suit look.

And grey?

The grey color is a great suit color choice for people who want to look experienced and independent. It tells the world that you are self-sufficient and can execute your ideas or plans without any external help. A man or woman wearing a grey suit also gives a sense of isolation. It can be both positive and negative at the same time, depending on how you carry this color.

Grey goes really well with the blue color, which makes both colors a great combination for your interview suit. They can make you look mature, knowledgeable, and better without putting in much effort.

Now that you have learned what these basic colors represent, we hope you make a better choice in selecting the color of your next suit.