Why is Snapchat Stopping Promoting Donald Trump’s Account?

Donald Trump

Snapchat claims he stopped supporting the account of President Donald Trump. 

As a consequence, in the Discover portion of the app, it will not function anymore. The organization said it wouldn’t “reinforce voices that promote abuse and inequality” 

The announcement followed by Mr. Trump is saying that they breached the White House fence, “savage dogs” and “homicidal guns” would’ve been used on the demonstrators. 

It follows the decision by Twitter to conceal those posts from the president. 

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap said: “Racial inequality and violence don’t belong in our society and we stand up united with all those in America who seek unity, equality, justice, and, compassion.” 

The change is more likely to fuel tensity between the White House and social media, that intensified last week when Twitter applied fact-checking tags to the tweets of the President. 

The president then agreed on an executive order aiming to curtail the legal guarantees that were provided to the big industry. 

Twitter after that removed one tweet from the President for violating its “glorification of abuse” laws. 

The operation by Snapchat would also put more force on Facebook and TikTok

His chief executive, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, defied external and internal demands to comment on his platform’s messages. Mr. Zuckerberg said the free expression values of the company mean that the posts of the president will remain unchanged, reports Vox

According to the Bloomberg news agency, more than one mill is following President Trump on Snapchat. It said Snapchat is seen by Mr. Trump’s re-election movement as a “primary battlefield” as it provides a way to reach out to voters who will vote for the first time.

The account of the President will not be removed or suspended. 

However, the very fact that it won’t feature his post in Discover means that its posts will be viewed by the people who directly subscribe or search his account. 

Snapchat based his decision on comments that were shared to Twitter by Mr. Trump, rather than his own site. 

On Monday, Snap’s chief executive Mr. Evan Speigel had mailed staff a memo detailing his views on civil unrest triggered by George Floyd’s assassination. 

“We are quiet every minute in the face of pure evil and corruption that we behave in favor of those who do the evil,” Mr. Evan Speigel wrote. 

“As for the giant app, we absolutely can not endorse accounts connected to the people who encourage racial violence in America, whether off or on our platform.” 

“A curated platform is our discovery content channel, where we determine what we’re supporting and promoting,” he said.