Where Can I Travel To Without Taking A Covid Test?

New UK travel restrictions mean you won’t have to take a Covid test if you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated when travelling abroad. Countries like Greece, Spain, Germany and Portugal allow double-jabbed Brits without testing. Mexico and Costa Rica are your best chances as they don’t require testing for those who are only partially vaccinated.

So, assuming you’ve had all of your shots, where can you go on vacation without getting tested? 

  1. Italy – Anyone above six must present proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test within 48 hours of travel, a rapid lateral flow test within 24 hours, or evidence of Covid recovery within the previous six months (see here).

Pre-travel tests will no longer be necessary for vaccinated British citizens, which means no need for fit to fly certificates.

  1. Iceland – All travel restrictions have been lifted for travellers to Iceland, regardless of vaccination status. It means you won’t be required to take any Covid tests or provide proof of vaccination to fly.
  1. The UAE has revised its policies to eliminate the necessity for a pre-departure Covid test for fully vaccinated travellers. Instead, those who confirm Covid recovery within 30 days after leaving are eligible for the same exemption.

Depending on whether you’re travelling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the rules on arrival may change.

  1. France has declared that fully vaccinated British nationals would no longer undergo the Covid test, with the new rule impacting everyone aged 12 and up. Other requirements include providing proof of immunisation and signing a “sworn declaration” before entering the country.

Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated against Covid must travel for a compelling reason and must self-isolate once they arrive.

  1. Tunisia is altering its laws starting February 15th 2022, removing the requirement for a Covid test if you can present confirmation of complete vaccination.

Self-isolation for persons who haven’t been vaccinated is also being phased out, while a PCR test performed within 48 hours after travel or a quick lateral flow test conducted within 24 hours is still required.

  1. Turkey – There is no need for a Covid fit to fly test or quarantine for British tourists visiting Turkey. Within 72 hours after your departure, you must complete an online form (this applies to all travellers aged six and over). Turkish officials are conducting random PCR testing at airports, so keep this in mind if you’re planning a trip.
  1. Portugal – Like Greece, has amended its immigration laws to exclude fully vaccinated individuals from the Covid test. Tourists who have not been vaccinated are allowed to come, but they must provide confirmation of a PCR test or a lateral flow acquired within 72 hours of their arrival..
  1. Malta is presently only accessible to properly vaccinated UK visitors. If you wish to visit, you won’t have to undergo a Covid test or go through quarantine. This document must prove that you had an entire course of vaccinations at least 14 days before your arrival.


Please note that travelling requirements keep on changing. Therefore, the information above is subject to change too. So, please consult the immigration and travel office of the country you wish to travel to for up to date and accurate information. If you do need a covid test, find out more information here https://ldn.randox.com/

Italy has temporarily relaxed restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU for those immunised with an EU or WHO-approved vaccination. Travellers will not be quarantined and will be allowed to enter Italy with proof of a negative Covid test. The adjustment would bring Italy’s entrance procedures in line with a new EU convention to harmonise border standards across the EU.