When & Why A Car Accident Insurance Claim Is Denied?

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Whenever you’re trying to claim an insurance carrier after meeting with a car accident, you must be expecting the money was driving in from the claim. You can use this money to pay your medical bills and cover your other expenses. Unfortunately, your expectations often go unmet, and most of the time, your claim can be denied. Whenever this situation arises, you need to know why your claim has been denied. Of course, every condition is different from the other, but below, we are listing some of the reasons that insurers come up with while denying claims. 

Reasons for Insurance Claim Denials

  • Avoiding the accident as possible

If you could avoid the accident, or if you’ve done something that has paved the way for the accident, your insurance claim can be denied. It is true if your insurer thinks that your act has led to the ineffectiveness of the policy coverage, such as you have allowed an unlicensed driver to operate your car or driving when you’re drunk. If you have encountered a similar situation where the insurance carrier believes that you could’ve avoided this accident, you can talk to InsuranceDisputeAttorney.com

  • You received no treatment from a medical expert or no complaint filed at the time of the injury.

If you’re willing to claim that your injuries are outcomes of a car accident, it is important that you actually visit the doctor and receive treatment immediately. Otherwise, your insurer will end up arguing that your injuries aren’t related to an accident or haven’t occurred due to an accident. If you’ve proper medical records claiming that you’ve received proper treatment while your injuries are being diagnosed, you can develop a strong case. However, a delay in visiting the doctor may force the insurance carrier to believe that your injuries have been created to obtain a payout or exaggerated. Unfortunately, a few car accident victims who don’t have a source of income to pay their medical bills are termed “deceivers”-just because they did not go for medical treatment right away, even when it was important. 

  •  The absence of Medical records is an indication of injury or pain.

If you’re not equipped with sufficient medical records and shreds of evidence, it is an indication that you’ve genuinely met with an injury. Consequently, this can increase the likelihood of your case being denied, as you can’t prove the reason for your injuries. 

  • You have already been suffering from an old or existing disease.

If you have already been diagnosed with pre-existing disease or a minor issue, your insurer is more likely to negotiate before providing a settlement amount. Besides, the insurance carrier will assert that this serious condition is the reason behind your pain and injury and not the injuries suffered during the car wreck. If your health issue has been deteriorated due to the accident, you can get a few amounts as compensation. However, the act of sorting out your new injuries from the existing ones can be a difficult task. Besides, discerning the extent of pre-existing pain and suffering often seems impossible. Remember that it is important to consult a lawyer in such situations as proving the cause of your injuries is very challenging.