What You Should Do if You Like Your Job, But Can’t Stand Your Boss

Understandably, you can have that stern boss who doesn’t seem a bit fair in his dealings at work. Sometimes also, this can be complicated. For example, when you have no other job choices to go back to, should you exit your current job. 

Fair enough, for some valid reasons, you made have completely disliked your boss and want to leave his workplace so badly. For example, if he;

  • isn’t fair in his dispositions to his workers.
  • is sexist or a gender-biased person.
  • doesn’t give true judgments.
  • lacks considerably good work ethics or unprofessional.
  • lacks integrity.
  • doesn’t command enough respect, etc.

Yes, any of those can describe your superior. In fact, such that in rare cases, you might need to get an unfair dismissal lawyer from Jhel to help you straighten things up with the said boss. Below are things you should consider if this is what it’s like in your recent workspace with your boss.

What you should do

  1. Evaluate Yourself

Quite often, we tend to see only from our lenses and are oblivious to everything else going on around us. Also, we’d rather preferably glow in our truth about ourselves than accommodate what anyone else says about us. 

When you fall into this love-and-hate dilemma between your job and manager, you might want to reconsider where the aversion roots from. Your blind judgments may allow you to categorize your boss this way.

  1. Talk to a Co-worker or Colleague about it

Another way to go about this is to talk to a colleague about it. Just as mentioned earlier, allow yourself to see through the lenses of others also. What you have described as bad quality of your boss can be because you don’t see things like everyone else does.

On the other hand, your boss’s attributes may be common knowledge at your workplace. When this is the case, there is mutual understanding among your colleagues, and you can talk things over.  

Talking to a co-work mate might make you have a different feel to things and also put things in perspective.

  1. Approach your boss

This may seem like going to the den of the particular lion you are trying to get away from. As scary as that may sound, it can prove effective for you. 

You can have a clear view of whether your superior is just as expectedly seen by you or not. A good but misinterpreted boss that is approached for a matter as this feels somewhat displeased and awful. On the other hand, one that is just as described flares up and affirms your convictions further.

  1. Always Recall why you Love your Job

Hatred for your boss can never take precedence over the love for your job. Anytime you’re bothered with the aversion for your boss, remember the reason you opted for the job in the first place. This motivates you to keep up with your job and look away from your manager’s personality.

Your side of view of your boss may not be exactly what it is in the real sense. However, when it happens to be, the above ways are several ways you can consider in handling this effectively.