What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

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Tort law attorneys deal with a wide range of lawsuits involving losses brought about by someone’s negligence. Examples of tort law violations include medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, emotional distress, pet-inflicted injuries, product liabilities, and even wrongful deaths.

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, it’s important to distinguish your kind of case and do a thorough investigation of who you’re choosing to represent you.

Read on to learn more about some like Wilt Injury Law attorneys cover.

Lawsuits Covered By Personal Injury Attorneys

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle collisions occur daily for many unfortunate individuals. Vehicle accidents include cars, trucks, buses, motorbike, and any other vehicles permitted to share the road. A personal injury lawyer will determine the cause by proving the other parties’ negligence brought it about.

Some examples of driver negligence include drunk driving, distracted driving, and not following the traffic rules. An accident caused by a negligent driver leading to forms off loss for a victim calls for compensation by the responsible party.

Your injury lawyer will determine negligence and fight to see you are awarded total compensation for all the negative affects the accident caused..

2. Slipping and Falling Fatalities

Slip-and-fall injuries are categorized under premise liability. It’s the sole responsibility of a property owner to provide authorized guests a duty of care. This includes swimming areas and recreational parks.

Personal injury lawyers can determine liability by providing a preponderance of evidence showing negligence by the property owner.

3. Injuries Caused by Dog Bites and Attacks

This type of lawsuit falls under strict liability. Dog attacks can cause severe injuries. Holding dog owners accountable can differ by state. Contact a personal injury attorney to find sound legal advice on how to proceed with the case. You stand to be compensated for the injuries by the owner, and your attorney will be sure to follow on the same.

4. Medical Malpractices

Medical malpractices may include wrong diagnosis, inadequate treatment, and also inappropriate after-care treatment. Proving negligence by a medical practitioners can be quite hard; that’s why hiring a personal injury lawyer who specializes in medical malpractices is vital.

5. Unjust Deaths

Effective wrongful death lawsuits recover punitive compensation for surviving family members when someone’s death is caused by neglect, recklessness, or intentional behavior. Injury lawyers seek compensation for lost wages, loss of consortium, and future medical expenses.

6. Battery and Attack

The term “intentional tort” is used to describe this form of a personal injury lawsuit. Violent or physical assaults should not be tolerated. A case can be filed against the assailant in addition to potential criminal charges. Lawsuits are intended to offer monetary compensation to anyone who has been wrongfully injured.

With this type of case, the assailant does it deliberately. When a person is attacked physically, it can cause catastrophic effects. Among these consequences are hospital costs, counseling, and emotional severe distress. 

7. Liability for Products

Industries are obliged to provide a duty of care so their products are safe for use under the consumer protection act. If a business sells a hazardous or faulty product, it can be held solely responsible for any accidents. Many personal injury attorneys represent clients in product liability lawsuits daily.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

Find the assistance of a lawyer as soon as possible. This is important, as there’s always a deadline to file your claim. This is called the statute of limitation. After the said time has elapsed without taking the case to court, you won’t be compensated for your any losses.