Visit 5 Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena in the US

been altered? While they might seem unbelievable at first, some of these spectacles of nature are, in fact, real. And the United States is home to some of the world’s rarest natural phenomena out there. 

From roaring wells in Oregon to mesmerizing firefly lights in Tennessee, these and other natural wonders of the US attract huge numbers of visitors each year. While traveling commercial to some of these more-secluded locations can be tough, a private jet charter is a perfect solution for keeping your flight easy and simple.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a natural phenomenon?
  2. Most unique natural phenomena in the US
  3. Getting to far-off locations with a private jet charter
  4. Private jets and remote destinations

What is a natural phenomenon?

Fully understanding what is considered a natural phenomenon sometimes can be a bit tricky. Not every single oddity in nature you might come across could be a natural occurrence. Deriving from Greek, the word ‘phenomenon’ generally describes an extraordinary event or occurrence, which usually needs a deeper, scientific explanation why.

A ‘natural phenomenon’ refers to such occurrences that aren’t man-made. They can include weather anomalies as simple as thunder, biological processes like decomposition, physical processes like erosion, or more rare ones like blood moon for example. While all of this might sound very scientific, in reality, these events are a magnificent spectacle of nature’s wonders that tend to draw hundreds of people to experience them in person. 

Beautiful natural phenomena in the US worth visiting

You don’t need to travel abroad to find these extraordinary natural phenomena. Some of the most unique ones can be spotted right here in the States. Stretching for thousands of miles across the continent, the US offers a vast collection of rare occurrences in nature that can be easily reached. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the five most unique natural phenomena in the United States that can be added to your next vacation itinerary.

Northern Lights, Alaska

It’s true that the first place which comes to mind when you hear ‘Northern Lights’ is the snowy Scandinavia. However, with such spanning territory near the Arctic Circle, US’s Last Frontier – Alaska – is a perfect match for the Scandinavian aurora borealis. Catching the sight of nature’s light shows is one of the top reasons many visit Alaska during the winter months.

One of the best places to do so, according to the locals, is Fairbanks. Situated underneath the Aurora Oval, the town is in the best location to view the shimmering greens, blues, and purples. While nearby locations like Chena Lakes, Clearly Summit, or Murphy Dome are one of the best locations to enjoy the Northern Lights, Fairbanks itself is great for viewing. 

The closest airport, Fairbanks International, is located just on the outskirts of the town and sits only a few miles away from the Downtown area. The airport itself is a small-scale one with a limited number of routes operating in and out of Fairbanks, which does limit options for those who fly with commercial airlines.

Thor’s Well and Devil’s Churn, Oregon

A twofer!

Named after the famous Norse God of Thunder, Thor’s Well might be only 20-feet in diameter, but the seemingly bottomless sinkhole is a sight to behold. Located just on the edge of the Oregon coast near Cape Perpetua, the natural phenomenon brings a number of visitors to the little town of Yachats. 

In reality, the Well is the result of what formed after a collapsed sea cave. The natural formation is at its most spectacular during the high tide when the water is most violent and washes over the rocks. The view truly lives up to its Norse namesake’s legends.

Just minutes away from Thor’s Well lies another impressive formation called the Devil’s Churn. Oregon’s natural phenomenon is a result of thousands of years of volcanic rock erosion, creating an enormous chasm, where the turbulent waves crash. 

Both of these unique natural attractions are within the Restless Waters Trail near Yachats and offer a nice outdoor hike for anyone who enjoys fresh air. The town itself doesn’t have a commercial airport nearby. The closest airport is Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, 75 miles from the town. However, there are a few local executive strips that can easily host a private jet charter.

Morning Glory Pool, Wyoming

The Yellowstone National Park, spread across three states – Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho – has a number of scenic routes, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and quite a few natural phenomena across the nearly 3,500 square miles of its territory.

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena that can be found in the park is the colorful Morning Glory Pool, located in the Yellowstone Upper Geyser Basin. The hot spring stands out for its rainbow-like coloration. This is because of the variation in the temperature of the water. The microorganisms living in hot temperatures color the water yellow, and those living in cooler temperatures color it orange, brown, and green. 

The Yellowstone National Park is a tricky one to reach. The closet larger airports that service commercial flights are Yellowstone Regional Airport (104 miles) and Yellowstone International Airport (88 miles) and most of these flights have one or more stops on the way to the town of Cody in Wyoming.

Oljato-Monument Valley, Utah

Situated between Utah and Arizona, the Oljato-Monument Valley is one of the most spectacular sights. And most recognizable ones, too. The Valley has been immortalized in a number of movies, especially in Westerns. It hosts the towering sandstone rock formations, which have been formed by natural erosion caused by winds and rain. The sandstone buttes can be anywhere between 400 and 1,000 feet in height, creating a dynamic panorama. 

Planning your trip to one of the most popular natural phenomena in the Western United States might not come easy. The closest airports – Page Municipal and Flagstaff Pulliam – both of which are located in Arizona, and are quite far off, 140 miles and 194 miles respectively. However, a few private airstrips near the Valley are available for a private jet charter, making the destination easy to reach.

Getting to far-off locations with a private jet charter

These and more of the best nature-focused places to travel in the US, more often than not, lie off the beaten track. National parks, mountain ranges, valleys, and hiking trails, which are usually located near small towns prove to be tricky to access when planning a trip that takes into account flexibility, convenience, and comfort.

With the surrounding airports either being miles away from the location or having multiple stops en route, flying commercial becomes a serious headache for an otherwise exciting trip. Private jet hire with a proven track record is your best bet for a perfect outdoor escape. 

Here’s why:

  • Flexible – a reliable private jet hire company understands and can meet any needs when it comes to planning trips. Whether the destination is as remote as towns near the Arctic Circle or as isolated as hiking trails along mountain ranges, a jet charter company can provide the best fit for you. Small airfields and landing strips are easily accessible with a private jet, offering the best flexibility possible.
  • Hassle-free – Planning a trip to more secluded locations can become overcomplicated. Packed airports, long lines at security checks, and potential flight delays or cancelations on your way to the destination only add to the stress. But one of the big advantages of flying private is that all of these troubles can be avoided by trusting a long-established hire company. 
  • Time-saving – as most of the natural phenomena lay in remote locations, the trip can stretch out, unnecessarily so. Limited flight routes of mostly municipal or regional commercial airlines, multiple stops, or layovers on your way to the destination only take away the time you could be spending enjoying the great outdoors. With a private jet you’ll be able to save precious time, and soak in the beautiful natural phenomena nature has to offer as much as you can.

Private jets and remote destinations

Highlighting some of the advantages private jet charters bring when it comes to remote destinations, it’s important to note that each hire company is different and has varying levels of requirements they can meet to make your trip that much more comfortable. Choosing a well-established private jet charter company with a proven track record can solve that easily.

A reliable private jet hire company has the experience in offering the most fitted solutions for trips to secluded or less accessible locations. While commercial flights are limited by arranged schedules and airports or run a danger of delays and cancelations, private jet companies can bypass these nuances. In turn, this brings flexibility, comfort, and time saved.