Using LED High Bay Lights Lowers Energy Consumption by 60%, Study Finds…

high bay lights in a gym

If you are bothered about the high energy bills you pay, there is a solution. It is very important to consider installing LED high bay lights in your building, and you could see a noticeable difference in your bills.

Reports show that LED high bay lights can lower energy consumption by as much as 60%. This means that you do not need to compromise the illumination in indoor areas in order to save electricity.

LED high bay lights can be found in places with high ceilings such as gyms, indoor sports areas, shopping malls, churches, and other high walled commercial buildings.

Many of these building owners are making the switch to replace light bulbs with LED high bay lights. Here are the major advantages of using these high bay LED lights…

Low Maintenance Cost

In addition to cutting down your energy bill, you will not need to spend money on maintaining the LED lights in your building.

The LED high bay lights are known to have an outstanding burn time of about 25,000 hours. This is a clear indication the lights will not need to be readily replaced at regular intervals. Average bulbs will only last about 10,000 hours.

Proper Illumination in Your Workspace

It is essential that all indoor spaces that accommodate people are well illuminated. Regardless of the activities that go on, for general safety, you should consider replacing your current light bulbs with high bay LED lights.

The high bay LED lights generate an even distribution of light, providing a good level of intensity of illumination, which is perfect for large indoor spaces.

Energy Saving LED Lights

Lower energy bills means you can reduce your outgoings. The reason why LED high bay lights consume less energy is that the lighting products have been designed to consume less energy.

On average, high bay LED lights consume 90 to 500 watts, depending on the type of lighting that you have installed in your building. A regular lighting system for such large spaces consumes up to 1000 watts.

If your building or factory requires a large number of light bulbs, you should install the LED high bay lights to cut costs. Think about all the money you can save at the end of each year!Thankfully, the high bay LED lights can be installed in different types of facilities, regardless of the factory size.

In addition to the excellent performance, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance, you will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space, because the LED lights can be purchased in different bright and beautiful shades of color, such as white or yellow.

To find out more about installing LED high bay lights in your facility, you should hire the services of a local lighting contractor. Good luck!