Use Monitoring Software to Prevent Children from Being Addicted to Mobile Phones

Children nowadays like to play with mobile phones, and without the intervention of their parents, they may hold their mobile phones for hours. When the phone is dead, they will play on the phone while charging, and when they are fascinated by the game, they will not even eat food. No matter what the parents say, it doesn’t help. Some parents just took away the child’s mobile phone, and the child started crying and losing his temper. There is no solution to the problem of playing with mobile phones. So some parents have come up with a more advanced method to control their children to play with mobile phones through software, like Mycellspy. Is there any software that can control children to play with mobile phones?

Mobile phone monitoring software is an application specially used to monitor children’s mobile phones. It allows parents to view information such as children’s browsing history, social media activities, call records, website blocking, real-time positioning, safety fences, and mobile phone positioning. Parental monitoring can also Set a timer to monitor your child’s phone for a specific period of time.

Remote Monitoring Control function

What parents want most is the control function of their children’s mobile phones, such as controlling the time when children use mobile phones, controlling the content of children’s mobile phones, and so on. For the time control of children playing with mobile phones, parents can control the time when children use mobile phones in the usage time settings, such as one-key lock screen, and can only use mobile phones at specified times. This is especially useful when kids are taking their phones to school, or asking them to go to bed after a meal. A large number of games and videos on the Internet are the main reasons why children are addicted to mobile phones. Therefore, parents should not only control the time they play with their mobile phones, but also control the content of their children’s mobile phones. Parents can control the content of their children’s mobile phones in the application duration settings and URL blocking settings. For example, the setting prohibits other applications from opening except for some commonly used applications. For browser access, parents can prohibit their children from accessing some unhealthy web pages.

Guardian function

In addition to preventing children from being addicted to mobile phones, mobile phone monitoring software also has built-in guardian functions, including real-time positioning, safety fences and other functions. Parents can know every move of their children in real time. When the child goes out, the parents will receive a text message reminder to further protect the safety of the child. In addition, mobile phone monitoring software also has the function of preventing phone harassment and fraud. Children’s identification ability is relatively weak, and parents can provide the family number function to block all harassing and fraudulent calls.

Phone Monitoring function

Preventing children from being addicted to mobile phones is a long process (see here). Parents need to understand the specific situation of their children in order to solve the problem. The mobile phone monitoring software has built-in mobile phone usage report, remote screen capture and other functions. Parents can use this function to check what games their children are playing on their mobile phones in real time, and they can also block content that is not conducive to children’s browsing.

Time limit

Parents can set the limit time for children to use mobile applications, so that children can only use mobile applications within the specified time. Children can only use mobile phones to make calls at other times, and they cannot play games and watch videos online. By limiting the time of mobile phones, the frequency of children using mobile phones can be well reduced, says IndiaTimes.

Parental companionship and psychological counseling are also essential. Children play with mobile phones every day. Psychologically, it is mainly because there is no one to accompany them, and life becomes boring, but they can find their interests in the Internet, so parents need to communicate more with children while controlling their children to play with mobile phones .

The root cause of children’s addiction to mobile phones is that they do not realize the passage of time. Therefore, we need to tell children the importance of time and help them make scientific time plans. For example, formulate a reasonable mobile phone use plan, clearly stipulate the time and scope of using mobile phones every day. Set a fixed time period every day for children to use mobile phones, and at the same time guide children to engage in other activities during other time periods, such as reading, outdoor sports, etc., to help children establish healthy living habits.