Tutors with a Heart

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Tutors play a key role in the success or failure of their students. While books may have all the information out outlined in the syllabus, they, alone, are not enough for a student to pass the examination. Otherwise, colleges and other academic institutions would have ceased to exist.

Especially when it comes to higher education and tough subjects, the existence of a kind and dedicated teacher is an absolute necessity. In truth, the importance of tutors or the part they play in your academic achievements cannot be denied.

Qualities of a good tutor

Regardless of your level of education is or how easy your subjects are, you would never be where you are if it wasn’t for the few tutors with a heart who believed in you and helped you reach your academic goals. Given below are a few of the most important qualities you must look for in a tutor.

  • Experience

First and foremost, a good tutor must have relevant tutoring experience. Experienced teachers are much better at helping students overcome their academic problems and do well in exams. While an inexperienced teacher might not necessarily be the wrong person for the job, it is indeed risky if you need JC economics tuition or tutoring for some other challenging subjects, says the The Economics Tutor.

  • Expertise

Having the right credentials is another quality a good tutor must-have. That includes having the right qualification in relation to the subjects you will be learning from them. For example, an arts major won’t be the right choice if you need tuition for accounts or biology.

  • Passion for Teaching

Where there may be a myriad of reasons behind someone choosing to be a tutor, the best ones do it because of the passion they have for teaching. This is the one thing that drives them to make sure their students reach their academic milestones and pass the exams with flying colors. A tutor who teaches only for the money he makes is more likely to jeopardize your academic future than the one who wants to help you overcome whatever problems you are facing in your studies.

  • Tolerance

Teaching may look like an easy job but it is not. Tolerance is one of the most critical qualities of a teacher. A good teacher has the patience of a saint. That’s because transferring knowledge from one mind to another is not an easy feat to accomplish. Plus, not all students are the same when it comes to intellect and learning capacity. While some understand the lesson on the first attempt, some others might need more explanation and attention to pick up on it.

An impatient teacher would end up lashing out at the latter while glorifying the former. This would even create feelings of self-doubt and inferiority in the weak students while making the sharper students feel superior and vain. And, frankly speaking, these are the kinds of feelings that must never be encouraged as they create a social and emotional divide among the students.

  • Ability to inspire & motivate students

A good teacher knows how to get the point across in a class full of students with different learning capacities but an exceptional teacher does more than just that. He knows how to motivate his students to work harder when they are struggling with a subject. Teachers with the ability to inspire and motivate students are the ones responsible for creating great leaders. Such tutors inspire and motivate students to reach their full potential and strive to become better versions of themselves every day. They are no less than a blessing in disguise for students struggling with self-esteem, anxiousness, fear of failure, and such other issues. Regardless of whether a student is dealing with problems at home or school, the best tutors show you light where you see none. These are reforms in the education sector that are underway.


Some people think that most teachers are only tutoring for the sake of earning some extra bucks and do not really care about their students’ academic performance. Money is indeed a good motivator for everyone who has bills to pay and a family to feed. However, not all teachers are only focused on how much they can earn from a student. Some teachers only want the best for their students. Such teachers are like high-quality gems, i.e., rare and precious. Having a tutor like that can really change your life in the best of ways. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you recognize such teachers and the role they play in your life, appreciation their efforts, and honor them by striving to be the best version of yourself.