Tutorial: How to Maintain Your Entrance Mat?

entrance mat
Img Source - Plastex Matting

Located in a strategic place of passage, indoors as well as outdoors, the entrance mat is exposed to all kinds of dirt, stains and deposits of various materials, not to mention the pets that squat willingly and permeate their smells. Entrance mats are designed for intensive use and their maintenance varies depending on the material they are made of and their configuration. In short, they should be “durable”.

Coconut rugs

Do not use water, even if the fibers are rot-proof. The cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner. Dry shampoos with powder are recommended, such as baking soda, according to HGTV. Allow the product to penetrate the fiber for several hours then vacuum carefully. Baking soda also has a deodorizing action. If you find it difficult to get the necessary cleaning tools and apply them, don’t push yourself. You can count on a professional carpet cleaning service such as that provided by Proluxcleaning.co.uk

Rubber, polyester or extruded PVC mats

These rugs, which are often intended for outdoors, are easily cleaned with a water jet or with a high-pressure device to dissolve deposits. Specific cleansers formulated with water help remove grease. The same ease of maintenance is found for polyester entrance mats, such as those of the artificial turf type, or the extruded PVC spaghetti loop mats. To clean these rugs, you can do it with simple equipment. You don’t need special skills for that. That is why these types are quite popular in public places.

100% polyamide or polypropylene rugs with vinyl underlay

These fibers trap dust and absorb moisture. To be truly effective, they must be cleaned regularly with a powerful vacuum cleaner which acts at the heart of the material. It also helps keep the carpet fresh and smelling. These rugs are machine washable at 30 °. Fold the rug lengthwise into 3 or 4, the fibers being placed on the outside. The carpet is then positioned accordion-style in the washing machine. If your entrance mat won’t fit in your washing machine, use a Laundromat. Drying is usually done in the open air. Machine washing twice a year increases the life of the carpet. Do not hesitate to wash your entrance mat before first use, this gives loft to the fibers and therefore better efficiency. For very large carpets, a steam cleaner is very effective. It works with hot water mixed with a specific product.

Built-in rugs

The mats embedded in a pit are either made of reps, textile-polypropylene fibers or brush cassettes and they roll up easily. Cleaning is commonly done with a vacuum cleaner. If necessary, clean the carpet placed in a vertical position with a jet or with a high-pressure cleaning device. The pit is cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner. 

Again, if you do not have adequate resources to clean them, you can rely on a professional carpet cleaning service who will ensure each of your carpets is cleaned in proper cleaning procedures so as to prevent them from being damaged.