Trump Accuses Joe Biden of Being Controlled by ‘People in Dark Shadows’ and Peddling a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump claimed Joe Biden was being controlled by “people in dark shadows” during an interview with Laura Ingraham from Fox News held at the White House. This prompted the interviewer to suggest Trump was putting forward a conspiracy theory.

This is no real surprise as Trump has promoted several conspiracy theories over the course of his career.

When talking with Laura Ingraham on Monday at the White House, Trump said Biden was “not controlling anything.”

Ingraham pushed him by asking if he believed it was Obama’s people pulling Biden’s strings

The reply from Trump was that it was “People that you’ve never heard of.” When he went on to say these people are in the dark shadows, Ingraham butted in to ask him to clarify what he means, adding that it sounded like a conspiracy theory.

Trump went on to reiterate these were people you would never have heard of. At this point he describes an implausible scenario with a plane “loaded with thugs… wearing dark uniforms.”

When Ingraham asked Trump to expound upon his claim, he refused. He said he would reveal it at a later date as the issue was “under investigation right now.”

He did add that the “thugs” were en route to the Republican National Convention with the aim of causing “big damage.”

Trump’s claims appears to be linked to the conspiracy theories he promoted on Twitter over the summer, warning of anarchists and anti-fascists looting cities if Biden won the presidency in November. Trump believes Biden will destroy the American dream.

The most notable conspiracy theory Trump was embroiled in before this involved his false claims about the birthplace of Obama. He has also vocally promoted other theories later discredited.

On Sunday, President Trump retweeted a post in which it’s claimed that only 6% of the 180,000 deaths attributed to coronavirus in the U.S. were legitimate with the remainder dying of other causes.

This post was originally shared from a QAnon account. The QAnon movement stands by the belief that Trump is fighting a running secret battles against Satanist pedophiles. Trump refuses to condemn this movement, a movement considered by the FBI as a domestic terrorist threat.