Top 6 Hand-Painted Paintings Art Styles 

artist painting in a studio

Art has grown from just a piece of appreciation to a medium of community and essential home décor. Hand-painted paintings are now becoming popular than some years back. People have started appreciating the beauty in hand-painted works. The brand Artello has all kinds of beautiful paintings, you can find them at their webshop When you walk down in the streets, you will always admire artwork more so the paintings. Apart from just the beauty that appeals to your eyes, there is a need to understand various art painting styles. The majority of art fans love what they see and have never gone further to understand the in-depth and styles used in art. 

So, What are the Most Famous Art Styles?

As mentioned above, there are various painting styles out there, and each has a history and meaning behind it. Here are the top 6 most popular painting styles; 

1. Realism Also Known as Real Art 

This is a real art painting that portrays a subject that exits in real life. The hand-painted paintings in realism include drawings of existing subjects such as mountains, rivers, leaders, musicians but stops short of looking like a photograph. Realism art doesn’t follow the rules of formal artistic theory. The artist takes time to pay attention to the subject to come up with an accurate representation of the actual subject in real life. 

2. Photorealism (Sharp Focus Realism, Super-Realism or Hyper-Realism)

This is a painting style where artwork looks real, just like a photo. When not keen, you many confuse photorealism artwork with photos. Professionals and experienced artists do this type of art. This painting style becomes a movement in the United States of America between the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

3. Painterly 

This is an art style that features brushstrokes and texture left in the painting medium. These artworks can be created using acrylics, oils, gouache, and watercolors, or any medium where a paintbrush was used. It’s not a must for the paint to be applied thickly; even the thin layers make good painterly artwork. 

4. Impressionism 

This artwork appears unfinished and rough with visible small, thin, and brushstrokes, according to In the impressionism art style, the subject matter is always familiar to the target audience, emphasizing the accurate representation of light. The artwork is mostly painted outdoors to get the natural sunlight exposure that colors the subjects. 

5. Abstract Art 

Also known as contemporary or modern art, Abstract art doesn’t represent or resemble anything in real life. This type of hand-painted painting is intentionally non-representational and aims to achieve its goals or pass information through colors, shapes, textures, and forms. Either shape or color represents every object. For instance, specific colors could represent emotions, while colors symbolize objects.  

6. Surrealism 

This is a style of painting that puts together different abstract concepts to give an astonishing effect. The Surrealism art style features a fully recognizable photo, realistically painted out of normal context and setting. Surrealist hand-painted paintings are mostly illogical to express particular messages.  

In summary, art has been growing over the years and gaining more popularity, especially when a brand like Artello is offering low priced paintings with free shipment and returning. Understanding different art styles make it easy for you to choose your favorite painting for your home or even business.