The Importance of Wall Art in Completing the Look of Your Room

Wall art is often neglected or given less priority in an interior design project. We believe that in doing so can impact on the quality of the finish of the project as a whole. If your home décor is already done, but the walls are still looking incomplete, you need to consider placing some wall art to complete the look of your room.

Here is a quick guide to help you create a harmonious interior look by displaying wall art that goes well with your new décor.

Create a focal point in every room

It is important to create a focal point in every room to bring harmony to the design. People usually choose a large-sized TV to create a focal point, but you can use picture frames for the same purpose. You can even try creating a gallery wall in your dining area with your most memorable photographs, or give your fireplace a cosier and calm look by hanging a classic frame above it.

You must also consider the size of the picture frames while using them to create a focal point. If your room has large empty walls and large pieces of furniture, using small-sized frames can be the wrong move. Similarly, if the room or the walls are small in size, using large-sized frames can make it look very dominant. Therefore, choose the size carefully.

Try different mediums of wall art

Using different mediums of wall art will help you to bring texture to your space. There is no need to always go for commonly used prints and paintings. Think outside the box and try different wall art. This could be sculpture, digital arts, or screens.

The choice of texture will also define the feel of a room. Smooth textures can make your room look sleek, while rough texture can make it look more intimate.

Choose the colour wisely

Choosing a paint colour for your room can be a challenging task, as you have many different colour options to choose from. Instead of painting the room first and then choosing wall art later, why not first select wall art that is breath-taking, and then decide the room paint colour based on the colour of the art you select?

This will give you a starting point and make choosing paint colour easier. Observe the colours of your art piece closely. Choose any two colours. Use one colour as the dominant colour to paint the walls, and you can maybe use the other colour to highlight certain parts of the room.

Don’t leave the interior design unfinished

Sometimes a room still looks unfinished, even after its interior design is complete. It is most probably due to the lack of wall art pieces. Beautiful wall art can transform your room completely, and give it a totally different look.

Ensure that the art pieces you choose match the existing décor of the room. The colour, size, and style, everything should go well with your furniture and other accessories present in the room.