The Benefits of RV Skirting

rv skirt

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is no better way to get close to nature than camping in a trailer. With an RV, you can tour many places and spend weeks or even months before heading home. Some people even choose to live in their RV. However, life in the RV is not as easy as it may sound, more so during the winter. Beyond equipping your RV with all the necessary survival tools, you also need RV skirting.

RV Skirting is putting material around the bottom of your camper walls and wraps around the trailer base. It removes the gap between your rig and the ground. The skirting is made from different materials such as vinyl, plywood, insulation boards, tarps, etc. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type of RV skirting that suits your needs. But why is RV skirting important? Well, here are 5 benefits of RV skirting. 

1. Protects Your RV From Weather Damages

Most people will avoid using their RV during the winter season. For instance, if you leave the tires exposed when camping for a long time, the tires will develop cracks. However, with RV skirting, there is no need to worry about weather damage. The skirting will protect your tires. Also, with the trailer’s underneath sealed, you minimize corrosion and rusting, and protect the under paint job, as well as preventing the tanks and pipes from freezing.

2. Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

While your RV may have good insulation, there is a huge gap underneath the RV, which allows heat to escape. This is where RV skirting comes in. It serves as a barrier to block wind and trap the heat in, which helps maintain a warm temperature in the gap underneath your RV. This way, you use less propane to keep your RV warm. The same concept works during the summer.

3. More Storage Space

One benefit of RV skirting that every camper appreciates is additional storage space. Once you skirt your camper, you get new storage space, which you can use to store your camping accessories. Since the space underneath your trailer is dry, you can keep anything without worrying about weather damage.

4. RV Skirting Adds Value

When you invest in the right RV skirting, you are making a worthy investment. First, a well skirted RV is attractive. Secondly, skirting protects your RV, saving you money, such as plumbing repairs, tire replacement, and underneath paint job. You are also saving money on heating and cooling bills. Therefore, if for any reason that you decide to sell your RV, it will fetch more than a similar RV with no skirting.

5. Skirting Improves Stability

Wind can destabilize your camper, according to GoodSam. This happens when the wind blows under your RV. However, you can minimize this inconvenince with RV skirting. All you need to do is bury the skirting a few inches into the ground. This will block wind flow blowing under your camper, thus improving stability.

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