Tactics Used by Insurance Companies to Dismiss Your Claim

insurance claim declined
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Injuries caused by accidents can be compensated by law since it was caused due to another person’s negligence. In most cases, when you are trying to seek a claim for the losses incurred, the insurance company may try their best to turn the case against you in some way or the other, which can get the claim dismissed, and you may not receive the settlement amount.

Usually, medical costs can be extensively high, and the insurance company that needs to offer the claim might think twice because it is a loss from their side. In such cases, seeking legal help from a Houston car accident attorney is vital because only an attorney can get the best deal. Click here to connect with them. 

Common tactics used by insurance companies that may dismiss your claim:

  1. Early settlement

Since the settlement offers will be handled by the insurance adjuster, in some cases, they will try to make an early predatory offer that is usually less compared to a fair settlement. Unfortunately, if the victim accepts the early settlement due to an urgent financial crisis, he cannot take the case further to get a lump sum and fair settlement with an attorney’s help.

  1. Delaying the claim

Statute of limitation plays a significant part when a victim seeks an insurance claim for the losses incurred due to an accident, says Thomson Reuters. Though the fight for compensation involves long and complicated procedures, the insurance company will intentionally try to delay the claiming process so that the statute of limitation expires and the victim loses the right to seek a claim for the loss.

  1. Sign on irrelevant document

Few insurance companies will try to get your signature by offering an irrelevant document with nothing to do with the claim but a blanket medical authorization. Using that, the insurance company will estimate the amount that you need for the injuries. You cannot fight for the best deal in such cases because the insurance company already knows the amount you would need.

There are many tactics used by an insurance adjuster and an insurance company, so you must ensure that you do not fall prey to their stunts. This is why an attorney’s help is significantly needed in an insurance claim. He will not only fight for the claim, but the attorney will also protect you from any unwanted tactics the insurance company may use.