Should You Get WordPress Specific Hosting To Improve The Performance Of Your Blog?

Every blog needs to be hosted. This gives it a physical presence on the web. That’s an interesting concept considering the web isn’t a physical thing. But, it is the easiest way to understand what hosting does.

There are several different types of hosting options. The most common is shared web hosting. This is used by many smaller sites as it is cost-effective. The downside is that the server space is shared with other websites, the greater the number of sites the slower your website is likely to be.

Other options include dedicated hosting servers. These are when a server is dedicated to just your website. This is a more expensive option but it does give you more control and is unlikely to suffer from a slowdown. Both of these options are available from WordPress. However, before you commit to one type, you should better understand whether WordPress is the right option for your blog. 

It is a good idea to talk to the experts, such as the best WordPress hosting Australia this will help you to understand the different options available and the differences between WordPress hosting and web hosting. 

The good news is that you don’t usually need WordPress-specific hosting to launch your blog site or run it successfully.

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What Is WordPress Specific Hosting?

WordPress-specific hosting effectively means a hosting site that is configured to work with WordPress. This is what many hosting services offer as they realize that WordPress dominates the hosting market. The package they offer will give you a place to park your website. It will also include specific add-ons or plugins designed to work with WordPress and enhance the capabilities of your website.

Of course, all the extras offered are reflected in the price you pay for your hosting service. Your basic WordPress hosting will give you a place to store your site and allow people to access it. The more advanced versions will have plugins that make it easier to keep your website running smoothly. For example, it may offer increased PHP memory or additional features such as PHP 7 and SEO tracking.

You are also likely to gain access to themes and even automatic updates to ensure you always have the best possible site to offer your visitors. 

WordPress specific hosting offers a number of advantages:

  • Predictability

When the hosting is specifically designed for WordPress usage is predictable, making it much easier for internet providers to ensure you have the bandwidth you need. In effect, this ensures your site is running smoothly at all times. 

  • Performance

Although there is no guarantee of faster loading times, the fact that you are using WordPress-specific hosting means that you have a server designed for WordPress. This can help to boost performance and ensure your pages load faster.

  • Security

Security is exceptionally important on the web, there are always hackers attempting to find and exploit weak spots. However, when you have a dedicated WordPress hosting server they will be better geared up to deal with WordPress threats, helping to keep your site safe.  

  • Ease of Use

There is little doubt that WordPress is easy to use. All you have to do is follow the guide and create your webpage. The add-ons and plugins are already there and approved, allowing you to effortlessly create a site and start using it. Because it is all orientated on WordPress you will find the site seamlessly integrates with your chosen extras and is easy to make attractive.

All you have to do is make sure people know about it. 

Web Hosting

Web hosting is when you choose a server to host your website but the server doesn’t have specific ties to WordPress and is not set up to work specifically with WordPress. This type of hosting is very popular as there are plenty of alternatives to WordPress. If you are not using WordPress to create your website you don’t need to have a WordPress-specific server. 

It should be noted that it can be cheaper to use a web hosting service as they will simply offer the basics and leave you to create everything else. Of course, there are still plugins and add-ons that can be used to create themes, etc. 

Deciding Between the Two

The simple answer is that it is easier to create your site with a WordPress-specific hosting service if you are using WordPress. However, if you have no intention of using WordPress then you are unlikely to benefit from all the Word Press orientated features that WordPress-specific hosting services offer. 

In this instance, you are better off with web hosting. It should be noted that web hosting is generally cheaper than WordPress-specific hosting. 

Even if you are using a WordPress site, you don’t have to choose WordPress-specific hosting. But you should note it makes several things easier:

  • Security

Security risks abound on the internet and you need to take every sensible precaution to prevent them from attacking your server. The good news is that, when using a WordPress hosting service with a WordPress site, security is a key focus and you will get the best possible level of protection.  

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is also an essential element of your website. Using a specific hosting service means all the maintenance can happen automatically behind the scenes. You won’t need to do anything. That is a real bonus. 

Final Thoughts

If you are new to websites then WordPress is a good option, as is a specific hosting solution. However, you should spare a few moments to consider how much traffic you think you will get. The higher the volume the less likely it is that your WordPress-specific hosting service will be able to cope because it uses shared servers.

Keeping it simple and easy to understand means using WordPress-specific hosting. But, you will have more control over a web hosting service and may feel this is the better option for the long run. Either way, take your time choosing in order to make the best decision for you and your business.