Should You Book a Post-Covid Holiday with OnTheBeach?

Img Source - The Sun

Covid-19 has seen everyone confined to their houses and unable to travel freely for over a year. This has brought many issues, including but not limited to high-stress levels, business disruption, loss of jobs, and decline in local and international travel. But at least the restrictions are for the best right?

With tourism being the most hit industry by Covid 19 pandemic, people are planning post-Covid holidays to clear their minds, and explore and experience what they missed in 2020, according to Besides, the introduction of the Covid 19 vaccine has given people hope that the pandemic will soon be history, which has escalated Post Covid 19 holiday plans.

Planning a holiday is no walk in the park, and this is why you need to work with an agency. Agencies act as links to services that are otherwise hard to procure on your own. Imagine you’re an international tourist touring Europe, and you need accommodation and ideas on common tourist destinations; where do you start? While the internet has lots information, it will be easy to have a helping hand by working with an agent, such as OnTheBeach.

OnTheBeach is a reputable agency that opened its doors in 2004. The agency is a top British travel agency founded by Simon Cooper. It has been in existence ever since, thanks to offering professional and satisfactory services to local and international tourists alike. With their experience and reputation, OnTheBeach is your best partner to plan your post-Covid holiday. Buy why you book with them?

1. Offers More than Just Booking

Unlike other agencies, OnTheBeach offers more than just booking. The agency specializes in short and medium-haul combinations of ‘Flight and Hotel’ package holidays to Europe. The agent provides a travel and tourism online search interface between you and various third party supplies of travel products such as flight, transfer, and hotel. For flights, OnTheBeach acts as your agent and will process your bookings with your preferred airline. The agency aims to make your stay in Europe simple and stress-free. 

2. They are ATOL Certified 

OnTheBeach is a certified member of ATOL (official website). But why is this protection important? 

We have all heard of instances when customers have lost money after booking hotels or flights. Well, if you are ATOL protected, you will enjoy financial security in case the agency or one of the travel suppliers encounter problems – you will not lose any money paid for a package holiday. This is an important assurance, and therefore, by booking with OnTheBeach, you will have peace of mind knowing nothing can go wrong. 

3. Variety of Options 

You should also book your post-covid holiday with OnTheBeach because they offer a variety of options when it comes to taking a holiday. Besides their affordable and easily accessible packages (you can book online), they offer many holiday options to meet different client needs. Some of these holiday options include:

  • All-inclusive holiday
  • Package holidays (Flight+Hotel)
  • City breaks
  • Family cheap holidays
  • Villa Holidays
  • Adult Holidays

4. Secure Payment Method

When booking and paying for a holiday, you want to ensure that the payment system is easy, effective, and secure. OnTheBeach offers different payment methods, and they accept all major debit cards. Some of the cards you can use to book your holiday include Mastercard Debit, Maestro, Visa Debit, and Visa Electron. Other payment options accepted include credit cards from MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. You can also pay using PayPal.

Other reasons why you should book your post-Covid holiday with OnTheBeach include ease of booking, affordability, and their expertise in this field. Contact them today if you have questions or need help booking for selecting a destination in Europe.