Selling Your Car for Scrap – What to Consider

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Are you contemplating selling your car for scrap? Did your vehicle fail the MOT, and repairing it is not economical any more? If so, then you will find some helpful information here. 

Over the years, the scrap metal industry has been growing, and taking on more scrap cars than ever before. Today, over a million vehicles are sold for scrap metal in the UK. But, to sell your car, you need to adhere to the guidelines put in place by the government for safe and legal disposal, says Now, let’s find out how you can sell your car for scrap metal today.

Get Your Documents Ready

Selling your old car for scrap metal means giving up responsibility for your vehicle. However, before you can even start the negotiating on price, you should have the required documents to prove your ownership claim to the vehicle. These documents include:

The vehicle’s registration, or the logbook– the V5C is a legal document that shows you are the car owner. It is impossible to scrap your car without it. If you have lost or misplaced it, then you can get a replacement from the DVLA.

Note when you successfully sell your car to the authorized treatment facility, you will get a certificate of destruction. You then mail this to the DVLA, proving that you are no longer responsible for the car.

How Do I Sell My Car for Scrap?

There are different ways you can earn money from your old junk car lying idle in your driveway.

  • First, you can sell to a local ATF – this is the option where you call your local scrap yard, agree on a price after receiving the quote, and set a pick-up date.
  • You can sell parts– Unlike the ATF, where you sell the car as a whole, you can also tear your vehicle apart and sell the individual parts. However, this is a risky practice as you might end up damaging some parts, or earning less than you would by selling the entire vehicle as one.
  • You can sell online– This is one of the best available options. You use a website to contact the buyer. On the same site, you can get a value as to your car’s worth and get a quote. The prices often depend on your vehicle’s condition, your location, and if the car is being sold as a whole, or in parts.

How Much Can You Earn By Scrapping Your Junk Car?

Different cars attract different prices when sold. The overall cost will, however, depend on several factors. These variables include:

  • The car’s weight
  • Make and model
  • If there are any rare metals on the vehicle

Once you agree on the price, you should receive your payment, depending on the ATF’s payment policies. It could be a same-day payment or later. But most importantly, you should never accept a cash payment for your car.

What Next?

Selling your car for scrap is not the end of the deal. You need to follow up a little longer to avoid trouble in the future. Once the ATF takes over the old car, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This shows that you have disposed of your vehicle correctly. Also, you need to mail the certificate to the DVLA to cancel your ownership. You might even end up with a road tax refund if you had any full months left.