Scott Hughes Created Online Book Club from Scratch

The human brain is always, even experiencing, some level of activity when you’re sleeping. So many ideas pass through the brain each day, some of which are stepping stones to grow in a business, and others are best left unspoken. Most people don’t pay too much attention to these thoughts they think that could move them in a different direction in life, but Scott Hughes took his dreams and thoughts and turned them into a business.

He’s the president and owner of, which is a community for book readers, writers, and reviewers. The site boasts membership from all across the world, and despite offering a ton of features, membership on the site is completely free.

Scott Hughes is a father of two, and a man who is no stranger to taking bold risks that others are unwilling to do. He has helped develop readers across the globe, and his site has more than two million users. He is constantly working to grow his website and make changes that will improve the user experience.

Working for Himself

Scott started out his life in Manchester, Connecticut, and from a young age he had big dreams of owning his own business. He wanted something different from the humdrum routine of office work, and set out to create a business that would be all his own.

Scott started right after high school to prepare himself for a life where he could be his own boss. He saw the need for books in his district where he lived, as he was surrounded by schools with diverse student bodies. This is when he first noticed his opportunity to begin a business geared around books.

At a time when the Internet boom was growing, Scott started to create an online book community. He wanted to give people a place where they could talk about books with people from all over the world. At the time, there were few options for e-books, and of course, no such thing as a Kindle.

Scott was a voracious book reader, so he already knew what people like him would want, and he put a lot of passion into his business idea. He worked a variety of small jobs to support himself as he began his website venture in 2006 – up until 2014 when he could commit himself entirely to Online Book Club.

A Gradual Success Story

Scott had an uphill battle to face, as he was the only person working on the project, so he had to make his dreams a reality on his own. It was his passion for what he was doing that helped him to persevere and hold onto his ideas. Scott had some doubts about his project, since it was very new and untested. However, as he started to create something that was truly one-of-a-kind, he saw readers from all around the world eagerly using his site and creating a community there.

His dream was finally coming true…