Salesforce Training Courses Offered by Cloud Pacific

Salesforce is one of the hottest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in the market that you can use to stay connected to your customers and expand your business. Today, many organizations are using this platform. Therefore, it can be very beneficial to learn its different features. You can learn it for your own business or learn it to embark upon a new career in the ever growing Salesforce service sector.

There are many organizations that provide Salesforce training. One of these organizations is Cloud Pacific. It is a Hawaii based organization that aims to provide numerous Salesforce consulting and training services. It offers four different Salesforce courses. These courses vary based on their duration, the content to be taught, and prerequisites. All of these courses are taught by experts, yet they are cost-efficient. Get yourself enrolled in any of the following courses below to learn Salesforce today.

Cloud Pacific Training Courses

Salesforce Implementation Strategy

As the name indicates, this course will teach you all about Salesforce implementation. It is suitable for IT executives and directors who want to learn about Salesforce implementation either for their own business, or other businesses to whom they want to provide Salesforce implementation services to.

It will teach you the basics of Salesforce and different strategies for implementing it. The time duration of this course is only one day, and it does not have any prerequisites. Therefore, it is ideal for people who do not like long courses that teach the same stuff, but in a slower manner.

Apex for Salesforce Admins

As a Salesforce admin, learning coding can benefit you in many ways. This course is specifically designed for admins who want to expand their programming and computer language skills. You will use popular developer resources and tools during this course. You will further learn to build business apps, classes, batch classes, and code triggers.

Apex for Salesforce Admins has a 3 to 4-day time duration. You will learn various skills in this short time span. Salesforce certified administrator and Salesforce certified app builder are the two prerequisites for this course.

Pardot Administrator Training

Pardot is another useful tool that helps companies create connections and boost their sales. It is actually a part of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. Using this tool can increase your revenue and take your business to the next level.

It is designed for marketing professionals and Salesforce administrators. You will learn different Pardot features and how you can use them effectively. The time duration of this course is 1 to 5 days. It has no prerequisites.

Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Lightning Web Components are used to create lightning components. They use basic tech like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with no need for a particular set framework. In the Lightning Web Components (LWC) course, you will learn front-end programming skills. This course is particularly designed for Salesforce developers who will learn the required skills of creating multiple applications.

The time duration of this course varies from 4 to 5 days. It has three prerequisites which include Salesforce certified administrator, Salesforce certified app builder, and Salesforce certified platform Dev 1.