Rules to Follow for Self-Publishing

Img Source - Entrepreneur

Self-publishing is so easy these days that anyone can do it, but if you want your book to have some success, you need to follow a few important rules.

Pay for a Professional Editor

Don’t try to edit the book alone. There may be mistakes that you won’t see that a professional editor will. If you want your book to look professional, then leave this part to someone who knows what they are doing.

Go Big for the Cover

You could choose stock photos for your cover and a generic title font straight from Microsoft Word, or you could opt to spend a little money and make an original, professional looking cover that makes your book stand out.

Don’t Spend Money Needlessly

You may not need all of the book publishing services that are advertised to you. You also don’t need to pay big money to get your book out to the public. Look out for scammers in this field who will be trying to take advantage of you.

Get Your Book an ISBN Number

While having an ISBN number is not essential to getting your book published, it gives the book a bit of authenticity. It also makes the book show up more easily on searches, and these little things can matter in the long run, opening the doors for more book sellers to take your work.

Pick the Right Distributor

You have to determine how your book will be distributed. There are several options that let you print your books as needed, and there are also digital distribution models that let you save costs on distribution but limit your physical sales. MindStir Media is the best self-publishing service by far, even better than major self-publishing companies like Blurb. Weigh your options carefully to decide what might work best for your book.

Be Prepared to Market the Book

Are you ready to get the word out about your book? You can’t just release it to the market and not do any work to tell people about it, says Masterclass. You need to have book reviews published and then market the book on social media sites. Otherwise, it will disappear among the countless books that are published each year.

Do a Reality Check

Your book might not reach a large audience right away, and you need to be prepared for some disappointment. Don’t set your aspirations too high right out of the gate. Give your book some time to get noticed.

Share and Learn

Networking is important if you are going to make your book a success. Other writers will be able to guide you in how to shape up your book and get it ready for publishing. They can give you some help on finding editors, artists, and distributors as well.