Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuums

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Filter Specs and Productivity

One of Ridgid’s most popular product lines is their wet/dry vacuum line. This is because they have multiple designs for all workloads. Since they first came out to the market they have been built upon and improved so every next gen of vacuums comes out stronger than ever. But vac owners don’t always need information on the other vacuums available, but instead they need to learn about the parts they need to keep it up and running, and filters are a key component.

Ridgid currently manages 5 main filters for vacuum cleaners which differ from each other mainly in the capacity to which the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted and by the number of layers of filtering material each of them has. We will describe them in detail below:

  • The VF4000 is a one layer paper filter. It fits in 5 to 20 gallon vacuums and works to filter solids, liquids and ordinary dirt. It is ideal for basement or garage dust and sawdust. It can be washed and reused.
  • The VF5000 is a three layer papel filter that fits 5 to 20 gallon vacuums and captures fine particles. It is ideal for sawdust, basement or garage dust, cement dust (which can irritate the eyes), cold ash and fine dust. It can be washed and reused.
  • The VF3500 is another three layer filter but fits 4 to 4.5 gallon vacuums and captures small particles that cannot be detected with a naked eye. It is ideal for collecting cold ash, fine dust and other types of everyday dirt. It can be washed and reused.
  • The VF7000 model is ideal if what you need is to collect large volumes of liquids. It protects the vacuum from any residue in the water from entering the vacuum motor. It fits from 5 to 20 gallon vacuums and can be easily installed or removed from the vacuum for cleaning.
  • Finally, the VF6000 is a 5-layer filter that fits 5 to 20 gallon vacuums that can be washed and reused and is ideal for fine particles found in fine dust, pet dander (more info), pollen, allergens and in other places. This model cannot be used with the RV2400HF vacuum.

In addition to filters, it is recommended to use the high-efficiency dust bags to extend the filter life and keep the vacuum drum clean. Periodic maintenance to the machines also benefits their longevity and productivity. Review all Ridgid’s vacuum offer and you will surely find a model that will work perfectly for you.