Ridgid Press Tools

pipes in a factory

Ridgid is a tool manufacturing company that focuses on the design of high quality tools for plumbing uses like drain cleaning, diagnostics, inspection and pressing tools. Their product offer also includes threading & pipe fabrication, locating equipment, electrical and utility tools, wet/dry vacuums and all other general use tools like wrenches and tubing tools.

In this article we will do an overview of all Ridgid press tools you can get at City Supply Company. These pieces of equipment are essential for all plumbing professionals for their efficiency in pressing and connecting fittings in plumbing installations. These press tools offer different uses and work with different types of fittings. The most commonly used is the RP340 which can press viega Megapress and ProPress fittings. Also, most of their press tools can work with PEX connections, which are being used more and more in commercial and residential installations.

These are the Ridgid press tools available to the market:

  • RP 340
  • RP 240
  • RP 241

Press Tools can be paired with different jaws which vary in size and in what fittings they are capable to press. Below you will find the overview of each of these tools along with information on the jaws that can be paired with.

RP 340

This is the most powerful and innovative press tool Ridgid has to offer. It can press up to 4” pipe fittings and only weighs 8.3 pounds. Plumbing professionals generally go for this model because of all the types of materials it can crimp. Its hydraulic ram output is at 7,200 pounds so you can be certain the RP 340 will get the job done.

Jaws and Rings

This model is preferred by plumbers because it crimps up to 4” ProPress copper, stainless and MegaPress black iron pipe, and up to 2” PureFlow PEX.

RP 240 & RP 241

The RP 240 and RP 241 share the same specs and capabilities. They are both lightweight tools and can crimp up to the same sizes and materials and offer the same power on their hydraulic ram output at 5,200 pounds. The main difference is the design of the grip. As the RP 241 has a straight design, the RP 240 has a pistol grip design for more control over the tool, just as the RP 340 is designed too.

Jaws and Rings

The RP 240 and RP 241 models are preferred by plumbers because they can crimp up to 1 ¼” ProPress copper and stainless steel, MegaPress steel fittings and up to 1 ½” PureFlow and ASTM F1807 PEX fittings

No matter what materials you choose to work with, how complex your installation might be or what sizes are the pipe and fittings you are working with, Ridgid has a press tool that will fit your needs.