Reasons to Wear Face Masks after Being Vaccinated

N95 face mask
Img Source - Alliance for American Manufacturing

The highly contagious delta variant is definitely a reminder for Americans to mask up again regardless of their coronavirus vaccination status. The new variant has resulted in an increased number of infections and hospitalizations and it is even more crucial now to adopt as many preventive measures as possible. It’s time to get unvaccinated people vaccinated and use high quality face coverings to avoid the risk of breakthrough infections. N95 respirators and surgical masks both qualify for being an efficient defense against COVID-19 as long as they fit properly. N95 respirator masks may have a leg up on surgical masks but there are several other reasons to propel you for using the surgical ones more often.

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Slow Down the Fast Spreading Variant

COVID-19 is dominating the world with its delta strain all over again after showing a steep decline. The rising cases are a wakeup call to unvaccinated people and vaccinated ones thinking of neglecting precautionary measures. The new variant is said to be way more powerful than the previous strains which can grow worse if more people remain unvaccinated. The alarming situation all over the world has convinced vaccinated people to adopt as many precautionary measures as possible to slow down the spread of contagious disease. Wearing an N95 respirator mask or surgical mask is necessary to keep everyone safe as we need to stop this virus from becoming the pandemic of unvaccinated people

Maximize Effectiveness of Vaccine

The vaccines are proven effective against previous strains of coronavirus but the delta variant has been trying to push the limits beyond. There can be a dramatic decrease in delta variant cases if the number of vaccinated people increase significantly as the variant strain will no longer be able to dominate immune system so easily. Wearing a face mask will further protect the body from inhaling the highly transmissible variant to maximize the effectiveness of vaccine. Moreover, the severity of disease ultimately reduces when people adopt effective PPEs as a part of normal routine. Disposable surgical masks made in USA are readily available at an affordable price to stop delta variant cases from spreading so quickly which can also be used to upgrade N95 respirator masks.

Upgrade N95 Respirator Masks

Thinking of the long haul symptoms of coronavirus, it is vital to upgrade current precautionary measures and avoid getting infected altogether. The safest thing to do is use a disposable surgical mask over an N95 respirator mask to maximize the effectiveness of both masks. An N95 respirator fits properly and filters at least 95% of the particles in the environment while a surgical mask worn over it saves the inner mask for more uses. The double masking technique is the safest thing to do in an environment with a high risk of viral transmission. The inner layer of premium grade and a little more expensive N95 masks can last longer to become an ultimate choice for most places.