Reasons to Hire an Academic Appeal Attorney

Students who are not satisfied can raise their concerns to universities through an academic appeal process. But if these options are exhausted, and the student is still not satisfied by the outcomes, they can raise a complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator(OIA).

If you choose to raise your concern to the OIA, you will need an academic appeals attorney to guide you throughout the case and accompany you to the court or the OIA. With the help of an appeal lawyer, you will be able to prove the misinterpretation from the university, and it affected your academic performance. Click here for more information. 

Academic Appeal Lawyer: 

An academic appeal lawyer is a legal counselor at colleges and universities who can help students submit academic appeals to a court and understand their rights as students. The lawyer helps students gather facts and evidence, write an appeal and submit it to the university to make a legal case.

When do you need an academic appeal attorney?

  • A decision is made that impacts your academic progress. For example, your registration was terminated by the university.
  • Your award was reduced. After facing probation, your award was deliberately reduced to a lower level which is dissatisfying.
  • They are not awarding you. Your studies might be terminated if you are not awarded, which won’t be fair because, as a student, you have put a lot of effort into receiving certification from your university. 
  • Reducing your qualification. A decision where your qualification is lowered than what you deserved and studied for.
  • Terminating your studies. For example, you may be given the option to retake your previously failed subjects and reappear a year without having to live on campus.
  • Underperformance. A decision where you might have faced inadequate assistance, bullying by seniors or teachers, facing an illness during the examination which might have affected your performance.

Why do you need an academic appeal lawyer?

  • Trustworthy- You can trust an academic lawyer when your academic institution looks at you as a challenger of their judgment and might not favor you.
  • Accessible- Academic lawyers will be available to you from the beginning of your case. You can rely on them at any given point while appealing.
  • Successful outcomes- An experienced lawyer knows how to handle an academic case, even with its complexes. Their knowledge and experience ensure successful outcomes.
  • An academic lawyer can speed up the daunting process of appealing and provide you with better resolutions.
  • Legal protection- You might face some legal vulnerability if you were to appeal on your own. A lawyer will provide you with legal protection against your institution.