Orders For Protection From Abuse

Most domestic-related criminal prosecutions will also involve a civil lawsuit in which the accused victim of abuse asks for a protection from abuse order, akin to an order of protection (source). PFAs can be protected from current or past spouses or intimate partners, members of the family or home, or another parent of a biological child, but not from strangers, coworkers, or other people. 

PFAs are offered to persons who have experienced domestic violence, physical assault, intimidation, harassment, unlawful imprisonment, sexual assault, or threats of harm. You ought to learn more to get the best services.

  • Pennsylvania’s procedure for requesting a PFA varies from county to county. You must always have a lawyer on your side who is knowledgeable about how to uphold your privileges in the particular court that will be hearing your case. 
  • A provisional PFA order will typically be given to the petitioner right away. You may, however, show up for a court proceeding to give testimony and object to a decision.
  • A lengthy PFA order may have a variety of effects on your life. You should leave your house first. You might not be authorized to go to specific places where you know the protected person will be. 
  • You may need to change employment if you operate with the protected person. You might not be allowed to watch your kids unattended. Additionally, even if you possess a license or authorization to do so, you can be prohibited from owning any guns, and your present firearms might be seized.
  • The particulars of a PFA and the duration of the order will be decided by the judge on a specific instance basis. Some orders have extremely tight restrictions and might last a maximum of three years. 
  • You might consent to a PFA order in some circumstances, but you might desire to lessen the limits outlined in the order. You can avoid a hearing by negotiating the PFA’s provisions outside of court with your counsel. 
  • By avoiding having to concede one of the facts alleged against you, you can better manage the conditions of an order. An out-of-court settlement can frequently be advantageous, but action must be taken immediately.
  • A PFA order can impact your freedom and connections with your family and raise the possibility of future criminal accusations against you. If you are charged with breaking any PFA terms, you could be subject to a further criminal investigation and a maximum of six months in prison. 
  • To prevent a possible violation, you should ensure that the provisions of a PFA decree are acceptable, says Delaware.gov. Hearings for PFA orders are very different from criminal processes. It is primarily up to the judge to decide if an order should be granted, and the applicant is not obligated to demonstrate their claims beyond a reasonable doubt.