Opal Eco Looks Set to Revolutionise the Cleaning Industry

opal eco

Covid-19 has placed a lot of focus on the cleanliness of our homes. But 2020 was also a turning point in terms of caring for the environment, after the devastating bush fires in Australia. Opal Eco was launched to marry these two concepts together by producing an environmentally friendly cleaning product.

How is Opal Eco Making a Difference?

If you pay attention to the ingredients on the products you buy, you will notice that most disinfectants contain heavy chemicals, and are therefore not environmentally friendly. 

As we face the global Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an influx of manufacturers introducing new products into the cleaning market. Out of these, you will notice that their disinfectants and cleaners contain the following substances…

  • Chlorine compounds – Are used to clean body fluids. However, these chemicals tend to cause corrosion and discoloration when not used properly.
  • Ammonium compounds – These disinfectants are used on a large scale, since they are cheap and fast acting. However, the chemical composition is not friendly to the environment.
  • Alcohols – Disinfectants made of alcohol are commonly used to clean hard surfaces and kill germs. However, you need them to be above a particular concentration to work. And since they evaporate very fast, they may not stay on the surface long enough to disinfect.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Useful, but is unstable and dangerous at high concentrations.

Other disinfectants are also known to trigger asthma, and other health complications.

How Does Opal Eco Counter These Downsides?

1. Opal Eco is Made of Natural Extracts

Plants have their defense mechanisms. Opal Eco discovered this and decided to base their products on plants rather than chemicals. In return, you can use the disinfectant with no fear of leaving behind a carbon footprint. 

2. Safe on Any Surface

Cleaning your home without doubts about ruining your furniture is what every homeowner wants. This is what Opal Eco offers. Opal Eco disinfectant works effectively on both hard and soft surfaces. Whether you are cleaning your kitchen, child’s bed, pet’s toys, or the kitchen sink, you do not have to worry about leaving stains, corrosion, or discoloration.

3. You Get a 2 in 1 Deal

Most disinfectants serve a single purpose – kills germs – and that’s it. However, with Opal Eco, you go beyond. Opal Eco kills 99.99% of the germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your surfaces, and cleans at the same time. So, rather than spending a lot of cash on cleaners and disinfectants, Opal Eco gives you the benefit of both.

4. You Get to Clean More Freely

If you have kids, then you know how they like to walk around when you work. Now, imagine having to chase them away when you are cleaning because the disinfectant or cleaner is corrosive or harmful on contact. With Opal Eco, you do not have to worry about any of that. Since the disinfectant is plant-based and biodegradable, it is safe to use. It is also proven by dermatologists to be skin-friendly for both adults and children.

To cap off the list of all good things about Opal Eco, you get 24-hour protection from germs and viruses. Lab tests have proven that Opal Eco remains active in protecting you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria for 24 hours.