Movies to Watch Out for in 2022 That You May Not Have Heard Of…

What films are coming out this year that are worth getting excited for? We have a few that might be slipping under your radar that you won’t want to miss.


Michael Bay is the king of explosive movie action, and he’s back with a new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Eia Yahya Abdhul Matteen II, and Eiza Gonzalez, says Metacritic. Before all the summer blockbusters get here, take the opportunity to watch a smaller scale blockbuster movie about two brothers trying to rob a bank for a good cause. When things go wrong, they steal an ambulance with hostages inside.

The stakes become greater as they’re involved in high speed chases and frenzied action, and Michael Bay keeps your adrenaline pumping with the action wrapped up to maximum the entire time. This is the director at his peak doing what he’s better at than everybody else- making carnage look great.


As Zoe Kravitz enters adulthood, she’s taking on interesting films like The Batman and the new thriller Kimi (see TheGuardian). This is a technological mystery movie with auteur director Steven Soderbergh at the reins again. Every time it seems like Soderbergh has retired from the moviemaking business, he comes back with something really special and interesting that lesser directors wouldn’t put so much care into. Kimi has a unique outlook on the world and feels like she’s surging with energy she needs to use up. As she gets involved in a complex technological plot, the twists keep on coming and she is pulled into some dangerous situations. Zoe Kravitz’s Kimi comes across proof of a crime having happened and has to go on the run as she attempts to make the right choice about what she has seen. What started out simple suddenly becomes more complicated and more dangerous through every one of the 89 minutes of action. This movie just keeps going the entire time, never letting up from its breathtaking pace. It’s the kind of thriller that will keep you pinned to your seat from beginning to end, similarly to how Soderbergh kept that action going with tightly wound movies like Ocean’s 11 or Haywire. We definitely recommend Kimi as another example of a director at the height of his game.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja

There’s a new animated adventure for kids and adults coming in 2022. Ninjai isn’t out yet, but there’s plenty of reason to be excited for it. This is the second movie from the writing and directing team The Ninjai Gang, after the stylish Karma Kula. Ninjai looks to be incredibly beautiful and stylish as well, offering incredible visual style and adorable creatures for Ninjai to encounter throughout his epic journey.

Ninjai tells the story of a young boy who cannot remember where he came from or even what his name is. He sets out on an epic quest to get his memories back and comes across some exciting and funny characters along the way. Please find more information about the Ninjai movie on this website.