Mattress Sourcing: Top 5 Mattresses For Your Home

Are you planning to move into a new house? Or maybe you’ve already moved into a new place to have a fresh start. To settle down properly in your new home, you need to buy some new furniture, appliances, and other things that you want your house to have. Once you have those, you will be able to do all the things you want in your place.

When it comes to setting up your new place, you need to make sure to have a comfortable place to rest whenever you feel tired or stressed from work and your day-to-day routine. You can consider mattresses to be one of the important things you need for your home. To achieve the comfort you are looking for, you must be able to choose the right mattress for you.

There are different types of mattresses to choose from, and each of those will provide you different advantages. In addition, each type of mattress has unique features that can vary according to your taste. If you are not familiar with the different types of mattresses, here are some examples that can enlighten you.

Memory Foam

This type of mattress is known across the globe. If you like sturdy mattresses and are comfortable simultaneously, you can consider this in addition to your list. A memory foam mattress comprises a substance called polyurethane. This substance allows the foam to contour the body when used, thus providing more comfort for the user.

The notable characteristic of memory foam is that it’s heavy and sometimes can be too hot for you. It is because of the substance used in the foam itself, where it utilizes the user’s body temperature to contour the body and not let it change its shape even after use. Because of its amazing features, it does not come cheap, but with its benefits, it’s worth the price and can be considered perfect for you. Click here to learn more about the best mattresses. 

Innerspring Mattress

Among the mattresses across the globe, innerspring has been known for ages. It is considered the oldest type of mattress to exist and was invented around the 1870s, where inside the mattress contains coils that can give a springy aspect when using the mattress. Aside from their springiness, they are also known to have a great foundation that can help in providing good comfort when used.

The thing you need to keep in mind for this is it’s springs inside. Whenever the mattress is damaged, it would take a huge effort and even money to repair it. Also, it can be disturbing for you if you keep changing your position during your sleep. Despite those disadvantages, it is still worth buying, especially if you want a bouncy mattress. They tend to be affordable, so adding this to your option would be great.

Latex Mattresses

The word latex itself is the material being used to create this type of mattress. With this material, the mattress can provide different benefits for consumers. The latex is from the rubber trees where it’s extracted to use. So naturally, latex mattresses are identical to memory foam.

Both are sturdy and can provide good support for the consumer. What makes latex different from foam is that it is not hot during its use. Considering the material used for this mattress is breathable where air can go through the mattress. When it comes to pricing, latex mattresses have a higher price than memory foam. Even so, it can still be close to your budget and can be considered to your list.


If you want a creative mattress, then a waterbed would be fit to your liking. There is nothing much to be explained on what the mattress is made out of or composed of. The water in the mattress provides the same support as the innerspring. However, instead of a springy surface, it can provide a wave-like feeling when used.

It is the same with other beds where it can provide comfort for the consumer. The temperature of the waterbed can also be adjusted and bring it to heat. It will allow the bed to give off a warm feeling. With the benefits of a waterbed, you cannot just skip this into consideration with its great benefits.

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses are commonly seen in hotels. Providing an amazing experience as if you are lying down in the clouds. Pillow top mattresses consist of different layers where it can provide support and comfort.

The top layer of the foam can be either memory foam, wool, latex, and other materials used for the mattress. The lifespan of this can be questionable as once the top is damaged, you cannot repair it. Despite this, this can still be worth having and can be useful when managed properly.


Don’t be scared of buying a mattress; with proper research and testing, you will be able to find the best mattress for you. The examples above are suggestions you can consider. For starters, it is good to have good choices. So take your time and choose the right one for your room and enjoy.