Make Your Amazon Sales Grow with a Few Cool Tricks

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Amazon is a quickly changing place. Thousands of sellers come and leave the platform every month, according to the official statistics of the company. The situation changes vigorously depending on the fashions, people’s mood, changes in economics, and many other evident and hidden factors. When you start your business at Amazon, you must act fast and adjust your selling practices according to the given circumstances.

In the given article, Repricer.Online developers enumerate several practices that are helpful for beginning sellers. While some of them may seem trivial and unimportant, it is better to double-check that everything is in perfect order in your selling account. 

Tip 1: Optimize an Item Description for Buyers and Robots

Buyers need to have clear information about the goods at all times. That is why you should include all relevant details that describe your items and allow for their finding on the Internet and within the Amazon marketplace website. Keywords do matter; you need to find the most relevant words that people input when they look for an item. Some tools on the Internet can simplify and partially automate this job. 

We suggest that your product description be complete but not excessive. Ultimately, no one wants to read many thousands of characters to learn about a simple device. Furthermore, keep in mind that the frequency of your keywords in the item description, see SEO, directly depends on the total length of the supplied text. 

Tip 2: Appealing Pictures Enhance Visitors’ Satisfaction 

We are all humans. Information coming to our brain is usually retrieved by our eyes. The most understandable visual information is photos. Make a few pictures of your goods that exemplify how they look and how they function. Do not copy-paste images from the Internet, but make your ones, says Medium. The computer algorithms are pretty wise nowadays. They may dislike you if they find excessively plagiarized content on your product description page.  

The images must respond to the most common questions of the clients. That way you will save a lot of time for answering the general questions though PM and increase your conversion rate.

Tip 3: Communicate with Your Customers

Before placing an order, a buyer has an option to drop you a message asking about this or that detail. The Amazon rules require that you send a response within 24 hours. This way you will be considered an active and responsible merchant and your rating will go up. It is helpful to win Buy Boxes and having your items to be within the top results of every search output.

While some salesmen underestimate the importance of timely communication with their prospective customers, our experience recommends treating this parameter very seriously. This good rating will be helpful if something goes wrong in more sensitive areas that are not always directly controlled by you. 

Good communication with buyers is a straight way to getting excellent five-star reviews, and leads to better productivity. The latter is also very important to boost the seller rating and hence actual Amazon sales.

Tip 4: Cheap Prices Win the Battle

Let’s consider the following case. You want to buy a stylus for the tablet at Amazon. You run a search and see very different outputs. While all styluses are more or less similar, the prices vary by a few dollars. You will buy something that looks nice from a well-rated seller at a healthy price. The price should not be the smallest one, but there must be robust interplay after all factors are included. If you hesitate between two excellent sellers with two outstanding goods, you will probably prefer the one with a bit cheaper price. 

The above mental experiment allows for understanding how things in e-commerce routinely work. Since all successful sellers use repricing tools to adjust prices, you will probably also need one. Amazon Repricer is a well-tested and finely-tuned code that quickly performs all repricing actions instead of you. What you need is to specify rules to use and margins to monitor. If you are a newbie with a small inventory at Amazon Amazon Repricer comes just free for you. Robust manipulation of prices brings you a lot of perks in addition to immediate sales.