Lower Your Transmission Bandwidth Requirements with Ayozat

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The amount of bandwidth required to send a signal varies depending on the type of signal you send. However, you can reduce the amount of transmission bandwidth using a number of different methods. Lowering your bandwidth requirements is an effective approach to saving communication costs every month.

Whether you already have a TV channel, or you are planning to launch one soon, Ayozat can help you reduce your bandwidth requirements and save your company thousands of pounds per month with its television services.

Save Around £50k Every Month

Ayozat uses the latest compression technology in its transmission network to reduce the size of data sent, and saves satellite capacity requirements in the process by around 50%. Usually, it is thought that reducing the size of data produces a negative impact on the quality that the end user receives, but with Ayozat’s compression technology, you can compress the data size and still enjoy excellent video and audio quality. It also sends feeds with the lowest latencies one can experience in the industry.

By using this technology, companies can save up to £20,000 per month if they have a high-definition (HD) TV channel. 4k channels can save even £45,000 per month by reducing their transmission bandwidth requirements.  

Ayozat uses the same technology for its customers to ensure their data/signals are delivered to end-users without noticeable latency. This especially helps new channel owners compete with the channels that have been a part of this industry for many years.

Ayozat can take a variety of data from different sources, transcode it, and then transfer it to traditional TVs and internet TV channels by using its playout software and dedicated CDN simultaneously.  

Satellite Uplink Handoffs

Ayozat has three satellite uplink handoffs in different locations (Atlanta, London, and Singapore) to transfer data sessions from one channel to another. It means you don’t need to hire a third party to perform the task – Ayozat can handle it for you. This will help you send signals efficiently and reduce latency further.

Ayozat has been providing television services for years. It has helped many TV channels grow and improve their revenue. With their new compression technologies, they can help you reduce your communication cost by up to £45,000 per month.

Here are a few more advantages of hiring Ayozat…

  • Ayozat has solutions for all types of TV channels. Whether you have a sports, entertainment, or religious channel, Ayozat can help you promote your channel and lower your transmission bandwidth requirements.
  • Latency can negatively affect user experience. With Ayozat, you can reduce latency better than most of your competitors, and get your live broadcast to viewers as fast as possible.
  • Ayozat uses advanced playout software that acts as deployable server-based solutions. They can be operated remotely by Ayozat, or you can handle them on your own as a cloud-based solution.
  • You can use Ayozat for the ingestion, distribution, and transmission of your content from different locations, helping you save money and reduce latency.

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