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Joe Namath
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What Is Joe Namath’s Net Worth?

Joe Namath Net Worth: Most of Joe’s net worth comes from money he has garnered as a footballer and a renowned actor in the entertainment industry. To date, Joe Namath is estimated to be worth $18 million.

Joe Namath’s yearly and salary income varies depending on the multiple gigs he gets as a sportsman, actor, and businessman.

Joe Namath Net Worth:

$18 Million

NameJoseph William Namath
BirthdayMay 13, 1943
Age76 years
Where he was bornBeaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA
Height180 cm
CareerFootballer and actor
Year active2020

Early Life

Namath was born in a Catholic family. The parents lived in Beaver Falls. His father was Andrew Namath and mother Rose. They were four siblings, Namath being the youngest. Later the parents separated while Joe was still growing up. After separation, Namath stayed with his mother.

Namath went to Beaver Falls High School, where his love for sports continued. He joined school teams for extra curriculum activities. He played baseball, football, and basketball. However, his prowess in football made him a quarterback player. Namath graduated in 1961.

After a long deliberation on which career to take, Namath joined the University of Alabama after getting a scholarship. During his university days, he was couched by Paul Bryant and was playing for Crimson Alabama Tide. In 1964, he helped his team Tide win – National Championship. 

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Professional Football Career

During his days at the University of Alabama, Joe continued perfecting his football skills as a quarterback player. Sr. Louis Cardinals positioned him 12th in the National Football League draft. Also, Namath signed with the New York Jets for three years, which earned him $427,000 – this was in 1965. During this period, he was named ‘Broadway Joe’ after appearing on the Sports Illustrated magazine in July 1965.

In his early football career, Namath won several awards and titles, for instance, AFL Rookie title in 1965, and he was also awarded Hickok Belt in the same year. In 1969, Joe took his career to a new level when jets won against Baltimore Colts. After taking a break due to injuries, he was awarded NFL comeback Player in 1974.

In his career, Namath played 143 matches where he won 68 times, lost 71 times, and 4 ties. In 1985, Namath was honored by including his name in the NFL Hall of Fame. Nathan retired after 13 years of his football career.

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Acting Career

After retiring from football, Joe ventured into the entertainment industry. He hosted The Joe Namath Show in 1969. Besides this show, Joe has guest-hosted and talked as a commentator in several shows. He has also guest-starred in many TV series including; 

  • The A-Team
  • The Waverly Wonders
  • Kate& Allie
  • The Flip Wilson

Namath has featured in other television series and has appeared in many movies such as 2013’s Underdogs. He has also featured in a comedy film – Wedding Ringer, in 2015.

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Personal Life

In 1984, Joe married Deborah Mays. Together they have two children Olivia and Jessica. However, they separated in 2000. After their separation, Namath has not made any relationship public. 

To date, Namath has authored 3 books; A Biography – 2004, Icons of the NFL – 2006, and My Life in Four Quarters – 2019.

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Joe Namath Net Worth

As of August 2020, Joe’s net worth is believed to be $18 Million. He has amassed his wealth as an NFL footballer, actor, and businessman.