Is The U.S Going To Ban TikTok?

tiktok on a smartphone

The U.S. is “looking” for blocking Chineseapps, including social media, like TikTok, said State Secretary Mike Pompeo on Friday.

Mr Pompeo mentioned the potential change throughout a consultation with Laura Ingraham of Fox News and added that “we take this very gravely.”Ingraham asked Pompeo if the US is considering a ban on most Chinese apps, ” particularly TikTok.”

“I can reassure you that the US will get this one correct too, Laura,” he said, about Chinese applications onpeople’s cell phones. “I wouldn’t want to step out in front of ourPresident, so we’re checking it.” 

The top diplomat in Washington said that people could use the app only “if you would like your private info in the handsof the Communist Chinese Organization.” 

“TikTok is conducted by a US CEO, with many workers and great leaders in defense, company, and public2 policy in the United States,” a TikTok spokeswoman said in an argument following Pompeo ‘s remarks. “We non better priority than fostering a healthy and stable device usage for our app users. We haven’t offered the government in Chinese with user data, nor will we do it on request.”

Pompeo ‘s comments come at a time of heightened pressures between the U.S. and China, boiling over into many areas including technology, national security, and trade.

TikTok— operated by Beijing-based bootstrap ByteDance — has been frequently lambasted by US politicians who have charged the short-form video application of being a terror to national security due to its relations with China. They say the company might be forced to “help and collaborate with Communist Chinese Organization-controlled intelligence work.” 

Previously TikTok (official website) said it is working independently from ByteDance. This claims the data centers are completely nowhere near China, and none of those data are matter to Chinese legislation. According to TikTok, US app data is cached in the USA, with a substitute in Singapore. In May, a business spokesperson told CNN that it believes the NSA issues are “unfounded.”

TikTok app has grown to be very popular in the U.S., like Snapchat, and in other countries in the west and has been the first-ever Chinese social site to gain major traction among users outside their home countries. It was purely downloaded by 315 million users in the very first 3 months of 2020, more monthly downloads than any other application in our history, reported by the analytics Sensor Tower.

The company also operates on roadblocks everywhere. Last month, the government in India announced that it would banish TikTok app and other known Chinese applications because they present a ” problem to sovereign and integrity.” Stress between China and India has beenspiraling after a clang along the border in Himalayan.