Identifying When It’s Time For A Pipe Replacement

Img Source - Checkatrade

The pipes that run through your home carry water and allow you to access it instantly. This is something most people take for granted despite the fact that there are approximately 785 million people in the world without access to running water!

Although you may take this for granted it is important not to take your pipes for granted. IN most cases they are made of copper, although other materials can be used. In all cases, the material will have a finite life and, when the pipe reaches the end of its life it will start to leak. That’s not a scenario you want to be dealing with. 

Don’t forget, that it’s not just the pipes in your home you need to think about. There may be a supply pipe outside and there will be drains. You need to know how to spot a pipe that needs replacing. 

Pipe Cameras

Pipes that are outside of the home are generally buried. That means you can’t easily inspect them and you probably don’t want to dig up your garden just to take a look at them.

Instead, invest in a pipe inspection camera. This can be slid inside the pipes and will show you any clogs, cracks, or other damage. You’ll be able to pinpoint where the issue is and organize a repair before the issue becomes too serious. 

Visible Cracks

Interior pipes are generally easier to inspect. It’s best to use a torch and slowly move it across the pipe. This will help you to see any cracks that are starting to appear in the pipes. If there is a crack then water is likely to be leaking out. That means you’ll be able to feel the wetness with your hand. There may also be visible signs of a water leak on the floor below the pipe.

If pipes are hidden in the wall then a leaking pipe will create a wet spot on the wall or the floor near the leak, pay attention to these and act quickly. A leak that is left isn’t just costing you extra money on your water bill. It can also cause rot and other issues in your home.


While a crack may be leaking very slightly and hard to spot, an actual leak is much easier to spot. Again, you’re looking for wet patches in your home. You can use a container to catch the water but you’ll need a plumber to replace the section of pipe for you.

Water Discolouration

Another clue that your pipes are struggling is when the water starts coming out looking dirty. This tells you that the inside of the pipes are corroding and a break is only a matter of time. 

Pressure Loss

A reduction in water pressure can often be linked to clogs or leaks in the pipes. If you’ve noticed your water pressure gradually decreasing you’ll need to inspect your pipes to find the problem and replace the damaged part.

Don’t forget, simply having very old plumbing can also be a warning sign that you should replace your pipes.