How to List on Washington MLS?

If you want to sell your home without a realtor in Washington State, you need to get your home onto an MLS. The reason for this is that buyer agents only use MLS to find homes for their clients.

However, getting onto an MLS is not as simple as listing an ad. To get a property onto an MLS, you need a realtor agreement. 

Traditionally, you would use a listing agent, but by using some of the best flat fee MLS in Washington state homeowners can save on the listing agent commission and get their properties on the MLS.

Find A Preferred Washington Flat Fee MLS

Before you can get your home on a Washington MLS, you need to find a suitable flat fee option. Not all Flat fee options are made equal. Some give you more control over the process and distribute your home to relevant local and statewide MLS, while others only have representation on a handful of local MLS.

The key to finding a preferable MLS is to pay close attention to the features – and the cost of the features. Examine the reviews and experiences from past and current clients, and then make your selection.

Washington State only has a handful of options. 

Houzeo automates the process and has significant syndication, giving homeowners control over the listing, showing, and negotiation process. 

MLS 4 Owners has been operating in the state since 2001. However, it doesn’t have the automation, making it challenging for homeowners to manage their listings and viewings without the help of a listing agent at an additional 0.5%. 

Flat Fee Realty has no automation and requires homeowners to work through a broker to get onto the MLS, usually costing an additional 0.25% without making the process any more convenient.

Input Your Property Information

If you decide to use a service like Houzeo, the next step will be to input your details. You do this before paying any fees. You can input your property address, upload images, and create a detailed description in a matter of minutes. The system prompts you when necessary to help you navigate what to do next.

Sign The Realtor Agreement

To access the Washington MLS, you need to sign a realtor agreement. A realtor agreement will be generated on your dashboard after you’ve added your property information.

If you’re using a preferential Washington flat fee MLS, you should also expect that this process can be completed online and guarantees your property access to all the local MLS. 

Complete Supporting Documentation

Once you have updated your property information and photographs, you need to fill out and supply any supporting documentation to ensure the listing goes live. 

Using Flat Fee Realty or MLS4Owners, you need to email these documents to a broker and then wait for their response.

Houzeo makes the process straightforward, allowing you to complete the supporting documentation online, and providing an easy-to-navigate checklist process, so you can determine the remaining documents you need to supply.

Once you complete this supporting documentation, your home should go live on an MLS in one to two business days, depending on the Washington flat fee MLS you use.

The process of listing on a Washington MLS is easy given the number of flat fee MLS Washington State homeowners can access. The issues arise after you’ve listed and perhaps want to make changes, get contacted by buyer agents, or negotiate a deal. It’s because of these potential pitfalls that you should make every effort to choose the best flat fee MLS available.