How to Create a Unique Business Idea

thinking of a business idea

Everyone dreams of starting and owning a big business. But it is not always a walk in the park, more so when creating a winning business idea. It is important to note that your business idea will make or kill your dream business. Therefore, you need to learn how to create a worthy business idea before you splash your hard-earned money into any new venture. 

Creating a winning business idea revolves around three main steps, namely:

  • Create a vision
  • Know your strengths and passion
  • Find a gap in the market

1. Creating a Vision

Before you think of a business, you need to have a vision, says Creating a vision is easy; imagine your life in the future; for instance, how will your life be in the next 5 years? To make this easy for you, ask yourself some questions:

  • Where will you be living in 5 years?
  • What is your passion?
  • How do you want to spend your time/days in the future?
  • Do you foresee yourself running a solo business or hiring workers?
  • What do you do when not working?
  • Will you be surrounded by positive and business-minded people? 

These are just some questions that can ask yourself to get started. Ask yourself as many questions as possible and then visualize your answers. Believe that whatever you wish to happen in the future will happen, and write those answers down for reference. 

The vision creation step is essential as it allows you to think critically and create a foundation from which you can develop an innovative business idea. It helps you establish clear business objectives, goals and enables you to make sound business decisions. 

2. Know Your Strengths and Passions 

When creating a unique business idea, it is important to identify your passions. What do you like and dislike? 

Coming up with a business idea is great, but creating a business idea that you’re passionate about is important. A business idea that you like will excite you, and give you the driving force to grow the business in the long term. To know your strengths, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you good at? This can be a skill set, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, DIY skills, etc. Ask your family what they think you’re good at, and then compare it with what you believe you can do. With this information, you can breakdown ideas and know which business suits your skillset.
  • What skills have you acquired? If you have worked for a company or have had a side job, what skills did you acquire? Make a list of possibilities and narrow on related businesses that suit your skills. 
  • What do you like doing? Everyone has a few things that they enjoy doing during their free time. It can be hobbies or interests. Anything you do can help you come up with an exciting business idea. Think of how you can turn your passion into a business. 

3. Find A Gap In The Market

The initial two steps are about knowing what you can provide, your passion, and your skills. The next step is to study the market and identify a gap that your product or service can fill. 

While you can read online about the best business ideas, the truth is that a winning business idea will come from you, and is based on what the market needs. Focus on finding business opportunities that can solve everyday problems. Any business based on this concept is sure to succeed. 

Personalized Approach

Besides the three steps above, there is more to creating a winning business idea. You should create a business idea that is based on what the market requires. 

  • Think of products or services you would want that aren’t available in your town or county. 
  • Can you come up with a service or product to make life easier for everyone?
  • Do you feel the market has gaps that you can fill with your skills or products? List these gaps. 

Creating a unique business idea is not easy. Be as specific as possible when writing down your business ideas, and focus on niches that aren’t tapped into. Good luck!