How Can a DUI Lawyer Help Me?

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A DUI charge can lead to a jail sentence or financial penalties depending on different factors, including the extent of property damage, injuries to the victim, and blood alcohol concentration.

Hiring a DUI lawyer can help you present useful evidence in court, reduce penalties, and avoid conviction, says DUI lawyer Reading our article below to learn how a DUI lawyer can truly help you handle your case.  

To lower penalties

A DUI lawyer can help you in many ways. One of the many benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer is that he can reduce your penalties.

The DUI lawyer provides you with the legal support you need to answer questions that the police ask. The attorney can also collect authentic evidence to support your case, if it goes to trial. The right evidence can help you plea bargain to reduce the fine/sentence.

To handle a second or subsequent charge

When you get arrested for drunk driving for the second or third time, you need a professional lawyer to represent your case in front of the judge.

A DUI lawyer can explain the issues you may face during the process. When necessary, they can also hire a private investigator to properly look into your case. You need legal assistance to handle a second or further DUI charge. This is where a DUI lawyer comes in handy, as these cases can often be complex.

To support you throughout the procedure

The penalties a DUI case defendant gets depend on many factors, including the severity of injury that the victim sustains, the extent of property damage, or even the death of the victim. These factors can increase your penalties to felony level.

If you do not get the timely support of a DUI lawyer to represent your case, you may end up spending years behind bars, or paying fines you cannot afford.

To avoid sentence

A DUI lawyer can reduce the chances of jail sentence through a trial case. The prosecuting lawyer can increase your fine, or put you behind bars by proving in front of the judge that you have committed a serious crime. In such cases, a DUI lawyer who has been dealing with DUI cases for years can help you plea bargain to reduce your charges, or get a more lenient sentence.

To defend against criminal charges

A DUI lawyer plays several roles to defend against criminal charges. They will:

  • Plea bargain to get a lesser fine
  • Collect and represent evidence to refute other evidence
  • Support you throughout the trial when you are not guilty of the crime
  • Share necessary details with the judge
  • Discuss the matter with the opposing lawyer

The DUI lawyer will offer you his genuine opinion and legal advice regarding the situation you find yourself in. The attorney will guide you throughout the process according to current law. The DUI lawyer will discuss all the possible options with you, and help you choose the most beneficial path for you to take. If there is no evidence to prove your innocence, they will tell you how to plead guilty, and end the case without incurring a hefty sentence.