How Adding Plants To An Office Can Make Employees More Focused

Most employers are constantly looking for ways to make their employees more productive without making them unhappy at work. It can be a difficult balance. But, when you get it right you have happy employees that work well for the business. 

You should note that while the increased productivity suits you, the fact that they are happy means they are less likely to leave. That’s an extra bonus for you as it saves time and money on staff replacement. 

The good news is that something as simple as adding plants can help to make your employees more focused and happier! Even better, there are an array of plants you can choose from which will be perfect for the office environment, such as the Calathea, according to foli8. Plants that need little care, fit into almost any gap and look fantastic. 

Cleaner Air

Plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen, that’s the opposite of what humans do and helps to improve the level of oxygen in your air. But, that’s not all they do. Plants are also known to extract as much as 5% of pollutants from the air, making the office cleaner.

Your staff will feel better and be more likely to focus on work. In addition, you will reduce the amount of sick days needed!

The Feel Good Factor

If you’ve ever been annoyed or felt down and taken a stroll to calm down you will appreciate the power of nature to calm feelings ad make you feel better. Bringing plants into your office can have the same effect. A plant in the office makes you feel like you are outside and produces the same soothing effect.

That’s why experts recommend you have plants near popular congregating areas, such as the water cooler and the canteen. 

If you have plants and encourage your staff to stretch their legs periodically then you will find their stress level goes down and their focus goes up.

Discussion Point

One of the most important elements of working in an office is the ability to interact with co-workers. This can sometimes seem difficult as you may not think you have anything in common. However, plants can provide a common topic of conversation, even if it’s the fact that you’ve managed to kill a virtually un-killable plant!

This helps the team bond and improves the atmosphere in the office, boosting focus and productivity. 

Get Staff Involved

The trick to having plants in your office is to get the staff involved in choosing them. This makes them invested in the plants and interested in their survival. It becomes a talking point and ensures employees are more focused on their work.

Plants are beneficial to the environment and the planet. Adding them to your office will not just improve the décor and boost your employee’s focus. It will also ensure you are doing something to help the environment. It may be a small thing. But, if every business did this it would quickly become a large thing.