Higher Payouts – But for Fewer Successful Medical Malpractice Claims, Study Finds

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In many parts of the world, medical negligence is still an issue. Patients often have limited options to seek compensation for their experience due to the negligence of medical practitioners. One of the most used options to seek redress is by filing a malpractice claim against the hospital.

The recent trends show that only a small number of medical malpractice claims are actually successful. This means that many of the patients and victims are left without compensation even when they have been wrongly treated at the hospital.

Also, from the study reported in HealthDay, it is apparent that the few malpractice claims that are successful in court are granted hefty compensation packages.

When do Patients Need to File a Malpractice Claim?

Sadly, many patients go through horrific experiences in hospitals and they do not know that it is possible to initiate a malpractice suit for compensation.

For this group of patients, they suffer alone and are usually left to pay massive medical bills, if they are not covered by insurance.

The medical field is so vast, and there are different instances when a claim should be filed. Some of the top reasons for filing medical claims include…

Botched Surgeries

If an error is made during surgery, the patient can suffer in so many ways. The dangers of a botched surgery include scarring, loss of limbs or other functional human parts.


This happens when the medical condition of a patient is wrongly diagnosed by the doctor. The patient is treated for the wrong ailment and exposed to the consequences.

Death of a Patient

Loss of a patient due to medical errors will also lead to the filing of a malpractice claim. The claim, in this case, is filed by the patient’s family, according to https://www.1clicklawyers.com/.

Debilitating Injury After Treatment

Some patients are left with life-threatening injuries after undergoing treatment that was supposed to make them feel better.

So, how is it possible to increase the chances of being successful in a malpractice suit. Here are tips offered by Cummings Injury Law.

Hire Experienced Malpractice Lawyers

Your legal representation during the malpractice trial must be second to none. The attorney will build a solid case that shows undeniable proof you have been a victim of medical negligence.

Always Get the Experts Involved

Malpractice cases are different. You should get experts, who have experience in the particular medical field, involved to properly investigate your claim. The experts provide essential information that can be used to win your malpractice claim.

Don’t Hold Back Information

The professionals working on your malpractice claim need all the information that you can provide about the situation. The data used will help your legal representative and experts working on the case to help increase the chances of a successful outcome. Only the malpractice claims that have been well planned will be granted. So, success largely depends on the proficiency of your legal representation.

If you have recently gone through the medical healthcare system and you feel like you have not been properly cared for while at the hospital – get help. You can contact legal representatives who specialize in malpractice claims, to know if you have a case worthy of pursuing. Have you had any experience submitting a medical malpractice claim? Let us know!