Here’s Why Legal Advice Matters for Car Crashes in LA

Managing the immediate consequences of a car accident is not easy. Unfortunately, serious crashes, collisions, and minor fender benders are not uncommon in Los Angeles. If you ever end up in such a car accident, you should consider following the key steps. Call 911 immediately to seek help for the injured and inform the local police (see here). You should also inform the insurance company in time, and once you feel better, contact one of car accident attorneys Los Angeles. Seeking legal expertise for your case is not just a choice but almost an inevitability. In this post, we are sharing more on how hiring a lawyer is so relevant in California. 

Accidents are often complex

If your accident was a minor fender bender (more info), you could file a claim with your insurer without much fuss. California, however, is an at-fault state. When your injuries are serious, and losses are severe, you should file a third-party claim and seek compensation from the driver at fault. Insurance companies are infamous for trying tactics to shoot down claims, and the claims adjuster may do anything to prove other facts. You are unlikely to accept the first offer with an attorney by your side. Experienced accident lawyers know what it takes to negotiate a settlement, and if the insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement, your lawyer can take the matter to court. 

When you are also at fault

It is not rare to come across car crashes and accidents where more than one driver is at fault. What happens when you have endured injuries and losses and share a part of the fault? California allows you to recover money from the other party, even when you are more guilty than the other party. However, you will not get the full settlement awarded to you. Your fault share (measured in percentage) will eventually determine what you get as the final compensation. Insurance claims adjusters and local courts will rely on this “pure comparative fault” rule to determine the settlement, and without an attorney, you could be on the losing side. 

Know the accident better

A good car crash lawyer in LA will also evaluate the causes of the accident. Once you have hired them, they are in charge of gathering evidence and facts, and for that, they may even talk to medical and accident experts. 

Let an attorney find what you should get as a fair settlement after a car accident.