Hair Transplant Turkey: Things To Know Before Taking A Trip

Hair transplant Turkey can be overwhelming for people who have never been to Turkey for a hair transplant or plastic surgery. Countless testimonials are available online claiming Turkey is the best place for a hair transplant, but many hair loss patients still need to be convinced that a Turkish hair transplant is the right choice for them. Some are concerned about the safety and quality of a hair transplant in Turkey. In this article, we discuss important things you should know about hair transplant Turkey before booking your trip.

How Long Do You Have To Stay In Turkey For A Hair Transplant?

On average, you’d have to spend between 3 days to a week in Turkey. This time covers consultation, surgery, and after-surgery treatments. Here’s a breakdown:

First Phase (Day 1 – 2)

When you book your treatment, usually, the first thing your clinic will do is lodge you in a fancy hotel upon your arrival. The next day comes the consultation. Here, the doctor will examine your hair loss condition and tell you the most suitable technique and the number of hair grafts for the hair transplant surgery. Your surgeon will also draw a sample hairline on your head so you will have an idea of how your hair will look post-surgery. 

Second Phase (Day 2 – 3)

After consultation comes surgery; it is done the following day or the same day as the consultation. A typical hair transplant operation takes 6-8 hours, depending on the hair transplant method and the doctor’s skill. On rare occasions, a doctor may schedule a second session the following day if the transplant cannot be completed in ample time.

Last Phase (Days 3 – 7)

After the operation, you will be bandaged and sent home (to your hotel). Then the days after treatment will be for aftercare – nurses will dress your wounds and give you medications. The day after, you will be taught how to wash your scalp properly.

After certifying you safe to go, your hair transplant surgeon will give you some instructions and necessary medications for proper healing and growth of your transplanted hair. You can stay a few more days to explore Turkey if you want. But ensure you do not stay beyond the period provided for your accommodation – most clinics provide two weeks’ accommodation.

Why Are Hair Transplants Better In Turkey?

Advanced Techniques and Methods

Turkish doctors are on par with the latest hair transplant techniques and methods. As the country’s reputation and the number of hair loss patients grow daily, Turkish doctors constantly research new and better ways to treat patients.

Experienced Doctors

Turkey has been dealing in hair transplant surgeries since the 1980s. This is why it has so many doctors with decades of experience in the craft. Some of these doctors are specialists of international renown due to their successful track records.

Quality Treatments For Lower Prices

One of the major advantages of hair transplant Turkey is that it offers world class treatments for affordable prices. Techniques like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) cost about one-fifth of the US or UK prices. In addition, these treatments come as part of a hair transplant package. This further reduces the overall hair transplant cost for tourists.

Are Hair Transplants In Turkey Safe?

Yes. Hair transplants in Turkey are safe. Turkish doctors use the most advanced techniques with proven success rates. Most doctors use the FUE technique, which promotes recovery and reduces scarring of the donor area.

Before your surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb all pain during the surgery. After surgery, you will pass through a routine aftercare procedure to ensure the hair implants grow properly.

If you are concerned about falling into the hands of a quack or inexperienced doctor, you needn’t worry. Only certified doctors are allowed to run a clinic in Turkey. However, confirming if the surgeon is duly registered with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is still advisable. You can verify this by checking the ISHRS website or asking the surgeon for proof.

How Successful Are Hair Transplants In Turkey?

Turkish hair transplants have a near-100% success rate. This is because the doctors are skilled and experienced and only use hair transplant procedures (advanced FUE hair transplant methods) that guarantee success. In Turkey, you will find award-winning doctors who have earned global recognition for their decades of successful and quality hair transplant operations.

Why Cosmedica?

Cosmedica is one of those clinics in Turkey with a reputable, award-winning surgeon. Dr. Levent Acar, Cosmedica’s head surgeon, has over 15 years of experience, with thousands of testimonials credited to his name. He uses a special technique called the DHI Sapphire, which increases accuracy and gives the hair implants a natural look.

Cosmedica is one of the few clinics for hair transplants in Istanbul that offer low-priced all-inclusive packages, despite having a very sophisticated facility.