Email Marketing Services

What is an Email Newsletter?

Effective email marketing requires at least two services—first, you will need an email newsletter service to send emails. If basic designs are not enough, you may also need an email designer. In addition, you will need a CRM system because it is unlikely that you will be able to manage your email database without this program.

Goals you can achieve by sending email newsletters:

  • Newsletters help nurture leads. Every new lead requires special attention before they buy. Your marketing team’s job is to provide maximum valuable materials and resources about your product.
  • Newsletters help maintain customer engagement. Keeping customers engaged is getting more complex every day. Brands are forced to come up with new formats and unique offerings. This competition helps improve the product and customer experience.
  • Newsletters help collect data about subscribers. Enough information about customers is necessary to provide a personalized approach to each user, and collecting it with the help of email newsletters is easy.
  • Newsletters help you convert. With personal information about your customers, you can create unique offers for each user. Track their interactions with your brand, and you’ll learn more about their favorite products and buying habits.

These goals are just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on your niche and type of business, you can set different goals and achieve them with email campaigns. Let’s look at the top 3 email marketing services that allow you to send newsletters now.


Selzy is a popular email marketing service. It is straightforward to manage and can be handled by those who have yet to learn email marketing. The resource has an accessible and pleasant interface with many useful features.

Selzy allows users to create marketing campaigns that include email, SMS, surveys, etc. Customers can create professional email campaigns in less than 15 minutes. Moreover, thanks to the drag-and-drop editor, you can build an email on your own or choose from 140+ templates.

With Selzy’s free plan, you can create relevant campaigns for any business. The intuitive email builder significantly increases the speed of developing effective marketing. 

Constant Contact

This is one of the best email marketing services for small businesses. You’ll be able to manage events and use social media tools to create coupons and upload files for social media sharing. You’ll also find dozens of different integrations to integrate any other apps and services you’re currently using.

In addition to the features described above, you’ll have a wide range of niche-specific templates and a dashboard that presents your most important email metrics. They also offer many helpful guides and services that are very useful for those who have no experience with email.


It is an excellent service with a user base of over 350,000 people and can rightfully be considered a universal marketing platform.

It has several unique features, such as:

  • The ability to create landing pages and webinars.
  • Perfect timing, which tells you the best time of day to send emails.
  • List segmentation, A/B testing, autoresponders, and program integrations.

If something becomes unclear, and you have any problems, there is a library of detailed guides for this case, or you can always write to the support team.

Effectiveness of Email Newsletters

The main advantages of email marketing are, of course, speed and targeting. If you have a quality segmented customer base, you can send targeted emails to the most interested segments in a very short time.

It’s essential to stay on top of your advertising campaign. To do this, you should track the effectiveness of your emails. It helps eliminate methods that don’t work and use only proven triggers for your target audience.

  • Email opens are the number or percentage of subscribers who opened your email. The subject line of the email influences this metric.
  • Clickability (CTR). This indicator shows recipients’ interest. The body of the email influences it.
  • Spam complaints are the number or percentage of recipients who marked your email as spam. This indicator is influenced by the quality of the newsletter, audience engagement, and whether the unsubscribe link is present in the email.
  • Unsubscribes. The number or percentage of recipients who unsubscribe. This metric is influenced by user interest. Unsubscribes help to keep your mailing list active.
  • Errors. This is the number or percentage of emails that were not delivered. Failures occur due to an incorrect email address or domain, an overflowing box, or malfunctions on the recipient’s server side.
  • Conversions. The number or percentage of recipients who benefited you, i.e., performed a targeted action directly from the email.

All these indicators reflect the effectiveness of your work and help you optimize your email marketing strategy.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is something you can’t let go of. It shows how many subscribers took the desired action. It all depends on the scope of the business. Not only that, but it depends on the target action to be tracked: registration, webinar, download, etc.

How to optimize your email newsletter for high conversion rates:

  • Send chains of trigger emails to warm up and bring subscribers back: welcome email series, abandoned cart, reactivation.
  • Personalize. There are many options for personalization: by name, interests, birthday, and so on. You can also create offers based on pages viewed on the site and purchases made. Studies confirm that personalized emails have a six-times higher transaction rate.
  • Let the user choose how often and what content they want to receive. This can be accomplished by including a link to email newsletter preferences in the email.
  • Properly emphasize the content of the email. Highlight links and important information in the headers. This way, the subscriber is more likely to take the targeted action.
  • Motivate with discounts, free shipping, bonuses, and gifts.

Your Perfect Email Newsletter Strategy

Take time to research the best services and tactics to cope with newsletter challenges. Consider your budget and aim, and keep in mind the pain points of your target audience. Then, keep track of the important metrics to ensure the strategy is a success.