Effective Home Remedies To Eliminate Termites

Termites can live in your home for a long time without being detected. This is because they prefer dark and damp conditions, such as those in your foundations. They need to stay moist to stay alive, damp conditions and access to soil helps them to do this. Of course, your foundations also offer wood for them to enjoy, they will slowly spread through the house. 

It’s important to note that termites live in colonies (source). By the time you realize you have a termite issue, the colony can be well established. It can also be hard to find, that’s why the best course of action is to call the exterminators and let them handle the issue. 

Don’t forget, a termite colony can consume six inches of 2×4 wood in just five months. It’s easy to see how they could weaken the structure of your home. 

However, if you don’t want to call the professionals or simply want to add to their efforts, the following home remedies can work.


Vinegar is a powerful substance with multiple uses around the home. In the case of termites, it is advisable to mix ½ cup of vinegar with a cup of lemon juice. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and then spray any area of the house where you think termites are active or visit regularly. 

You’ll want to saturate the wood in this mixture in order to ensure any termites in the vicinity ingest it.

You should note that it can take up to two weeks for all the termites in your home to be killed by this mixture. You’ll need to respray every 2-3 days to ensure it is effective.  

Diatomaceous Earth

This compound is composed of fossilized bones that have been compressed over millions of years. The result is a fine powder with microscopic sharp edges. It’s completely harmless to humans and pets. But, to a variety of pests, including termites, it is deadly. 

You simply sprinkle the powder around any entry point s or where you know termites to be active. Top it up regularly and you’ll eliminate the termite colony.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is another compound that is harmless to pets and humans but deadly to termites, says SFGate. You can get it in a liquid or dust form. Again, simply apply it where you believe the termites are active and let it do its job.

Cardboard Traps

 Cardboard traps are basically pieces of cardboard with sticky stuff spread across them. The termites will be attracted because cardboard is made of cellulose which they enjoy eating. However, once they get on the trap they will be stuck and unable to escape. 

The best part of the cardboard trap is that you can see the termite or other pest invading your home and identify it. This can help in your fight against termites. 

You’ll need to locate the colony in order to confirm it has been eliminated. This can be difficult which is why it’s recommended that you use the experts to help.