Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit: Product Review

We were excited to test the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit, as we and others had been very pleased with the performance of our original LVBU Easy Fit kits.

Since many people were stuck at home during the lockdowns associated with the recent pandemic, many people discovered that they were not as fit as they used to be. This was because many people started using their old bikes again. This led to people looking for cheaper electric bikes and the popularity of electric bike conversion kits.

The simple, easy-to-fit kits, which included only a wheel to replace and a battery to install, offered an easy installation option for novice cyclists. LVBU began to sell electric bikes in the United Kingdom from stores such as Millets, Blacks, and bikekits under such names as the Ultra Wheel e-bike kit and Electric Bicycle Club.

The battery was easy to install and only took a few minutes. The tiny battery was perfect for fair-weather cyclists because it is convenient and lightweight. However, some people asked for a battery that lasts longer. LVBU heard this appeal and created an 8.7 Ah battery that is much bigger than the original easy fit kits.

Install the new and improved battery upgrade

The first step in converting to the Easy Fit 2 is preparing your bike. This includes removing the existing Easy Fit battery and controller. The actual transition only takes around 10 minutes.

  1. Remove your bottle battery
  2. Remove the battery holder
  3. Install the new battery holder
  4. Insert the Easy Fit 2 battery
  5. Find the new controller on the app

The installation was easy, but I ran into a problem. My mobile phone wasn’t recognizing the Bluetooth on the new controller.

Don’t worry if yours isn’t either. In truth, I had no idea what Bluetooth 5.0 meant but in practice, it seems that your smartphone needs to be within 3 years old.

My old refurbished Samsung phone couldn’t receive the signal from the new controller. That’s why I needed to update my phone to a newer model in 2022. My old phone was running out of memory, and it had a break in one corner. This is very important…

You will need a smartphone which includes Bluetooth 5.0.

You can find out if your current mobile phone will work for you by doing a Google search. That’s down to you.

The Real World Product Test

According to the LVBU website, this new kit is supposed to deliver 50 percent extra power. I decided to put it to the test, so how did it turn out?

The original easy fit kits were designed to give pedal assistance for basic users. Our tests showed that we could travel 20 – 25 miles on a full charge. That’s good for traveling to work or going on a bike ride for exercise.

We were hopeful that we could use the improved battery to help us go farther on our bike rides. We wanted it to last for at least 30 miles without losing power. That way, you can still use the assistance on the bike and not have to worry about running out of power.

The cycle test route

I was looking for a 30-mile journey and decided on the Netherlands. But I quickly changed my mind when I found out that the ferry times didn’t work and Eurostar thinks Covid means they can’t carry bikes.

Back in England, I selected another 30-mile journey through Staffordshire and Derbyshire, finishing near Burton-on-Trent. Simples.

The bicycle is a Carrera Crossfire hybrid (see here) weighing 15kg with a rider who weighs over 90 kg. There are also two bags to hold overnight gear and a bag rack for convenience. The wheels are 700C with 40mm tires, as you can see. So we’re talking about a not-so-light carbon frame here.

I didn’t think about the wind that would be in my face the whole trip. I didn’t plan for it, and it hit me hard. But it’s something to consider when you think you’ve thought of everything else.

Yes, I saved the Strava route so that I could view the timings and distance of the test.

Results of the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit Test

That’s about a 30 mile journey. For most of the trip, I kept the assistance setting at 60%. But for steep sections, I increased it to 70%. You don’t buy a Ferrari and leave it in the garage.

I am very happy with the results. This means I can now ride my bike for leisure more often. The difference between riding 20 and 30 miles is a lot in real-world cycling.

Where can I buy an Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit?

If you are looking for a strong, simple-to-use, and budget-friendly e-bike conversion kit, the Easy Fit 2 Upgrade Kit is a great choice. This kit can be easily put on any regular bicycle that has the ‘Easy Fit’ type wheel. It is powerful and perfect for long rides. It is also affordable.

The price of this product in the UK (£399) is a good option for people who are looking for an affordable way to extend their battery range. See here – https://bikekits.co.uk/shop/easyfit-2-upgrade-kit/