Creating Exhibition Artwork

exhibition stand
Img Source - Inspire Displays

Artwork for your exhibition display stands is what will set you apart from the rest. Naturally, your artwork will be bespoke and one of a kind, but it needs to pop and create a conversation.

When creating artwork for a display, you need to make sure all the elements are suitable for large format print. The requirement between a leaflet and large exhibition stand are completely different, and getting it right can be difficult if your new to large format design.

Clear Images

The images you choose can make or break a design. Firstly, the image you choose should represent your business, whether it’s a stock image or one taken by the company itself.

We suggest the image is at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), this will give a good resolution for a large format print. In the event the image has a higher resolution, that’s even better.

The lower the DPI, the higher the chance of pixelation. The last thing you need on a display is an out of focus, low quality image. The final product should be clear, crisps and a positive representation of the brand.

Fonts and Text

On par with the importance of clear images, fonts and text can be more problematic than you’d think.

Text should be straight to the point, easy to read close up and from afar. Using smaller, script type fonts, isn’t going to be easy to read. If critical text is hard to read, stand visitors won’t be taking away vital information.

Use simple to read, bold font at a reasonable size so that your message won’t be missed (examples here).

Colour Palette

The chosen colours, images and fonts all coincide with one another.

A font colour should influence the back ground colour. As for example, if you have white text, you’d steer clear of light or pastel backgrounds as it’ll be extremely hard to read.

Select a colour combination that is a contrast so the background and the text can be seen individually, rather than merging as one.

Too Much Information

Too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your stand, and in some cases can be confusing. Adding too much information and text can be seen as a waste of time, as in the long run, this won’t be read.

Ordinarily, the company name/logo, and a bold strap line with a short summary of what your angle on the exhibition is, will suffice when it comes to providing information.

Long Term Use

When starting artwork, consider how the graphics can be designed so you can use them for multiple events.

Being able to use the same panels for future events, is smart and cost-effective and ensures the material can see you through more than 1 event.


The artwork needs to work with the display stand you have and should be tailored to fit accordingly.

Being aware of where the artwork will sit will ensure all that needs to be seen, will be seen. And doesn’t end up wrapped around the back of the stand or in an area that isn’t as noticeable.

Working with the correct artwork guide should eliminate any placement issues.