College Dorm Benefits

Img Source - College Magazine

The majority of the universities provide a place in the student residence halls, for a reasonable fee. The university dorm might be a good option for those who have never been away from their family. In most situations, it is cheaper to live on campus than in apartments. Here are a few benefits in detail to let you weigh the pros of the college dorm.

  1. Alone, but Never Lonely

If you’re moving away from your family, friends, and surroundings for the very first time, college dorms can give you a once in a lifetime experience with likeminded and aged individuals. Dorm life will introduce you to a bunch of new people from around the world. You will notice the cultural differences and similarities from your fellow roommates, and classmates. You will get the golden chance of socializing every day. How about watching your favorite show, or playing games with your friends whenever you feel like it? You might have moved into the dorms from far away, but the dormitory will make you right at home at your new school.

  1. Save more money

Saving money in college is on almost everyone’s mind, says Intuit. Imagine living off-campus. Expenses like electricity, water, service charges, Wifi will start floating in your head now and then. If you are living in a dorm, no need to worry about paying for these services and their installation. You’ll enjoy greater bandwidth and free from more costly bills. An apartment may or may not be furnished but the dorms are often well-furnished with basic furniture. Most dorms feature meal plans, while other dorms have separate kitchens to cook your food. You will save some time by avoiding frequent trips to grocery stores, possibly saving a quick dime. Also, you will have access to dorm cafeterias for satisfying late-night cravings.

  1. Proximity to classes

It is much more convenient if you stay on-campus as your classes and other main areas of your campus might be just a few steps away. Even if some places might seem far, you can take a walk or a bicycle to reach there. That means, if you wake up late, you’ll easily be able to get to class on time. What’s more is, you will not need to find some mode of transportations and save additional bucks by preventing Uber bills, fuel costs, and metro rail fares. It is also convenient to live near other university buildings like the library, recreation center, and computer labs.

  1. More Involvement in Extracurricular Activities

One major benefit of living in a dorm is the opportunity to participate in different on-campus activities. You are most likely to attend a lot of competitions, debates, sports, leadership opportunities, and other artistic events. Some dorms also provide a common TV room, game room, laundry room, and even gym where you can nurture your hobbies. There is never a moment when activities are paused so there is no chance, you’ll have to sit idle. You can expand your social life by having more social events to add to your calendar.

  1. A Secured Environment

Students’ safety is the priority of colleges. Most colleges have security systems such as I.D. activated key locks in rooms and a night security guard on standby. You can just walk around at 2-3 A.M without any fear of getting robbed. Campuses have security cameras to monitor unusual events whereas a front desk to restrict unknown entrances. There is no such secure environment as this and you never need to get tensed by break-ins, thefts, and petty crime. Resident advisors generally exist on each dorm floor to help students navigate issues and conflicts as well.