Card Games to Keep You Entertained

A card game uses playing cards as the primary playing device. So many card games exist all over the world such as poker. A small type of card game uses decks and they have standard rules which should be understood by every player.

The card game is a game of probability, a game of strategy and information. Unlike board games that focus on the position of the player on the board, card games are played based on the way the players use the cards, according to

Casino or Gambling Card Games

These are strategic games that involve the placing or staking of money. Here, the outcome of whether you lose or win is determined by your strategic moves and the luck that follows you. These games are fun to play and the betting process makes it even more interesting and challenging. In some of the games, players are opponents to themselves such as the poker while in some others, the house (dealer) plays against the players.


Poker is one of the most played casino games in Las Vegas, it started off in the United States in the early 19th century and ever since then, the games’ popularity went worldwide. It is enjoyed by so many people that they give their spare time to play this game. This game can be played at any time at and you can decide how much you put into it while still controlling your game.

Unlike our initial mentality about poker, it is not played for the cash alone, neither is it always played out of addiction to gambling but other times it is played for fun and to pass time. Just as everyone has their reasons for venturing into one thing or the other, there are also different reasons why people play the poker game.

Many books, articles or blogs, preach about how poker is played to win as much money as they can but I stand to challenge this. Truly, I agree that we all aim to win, moreover, who loves losing money? Poker is played for so many reasons such as;

1) The Fun Poker Players

These poker players play just for fun with little stakes just so they can have a good time while passing time. They enjoy it, the same way some of us enjoy going to nightclubs or even staying out with friends. These ones either or lose but yet, they are hardly bothered by the loss.

2) The Intellectual Players

These players are more concerned about the knowledge they get from this game, they look forward to learning more skills and improving their strategizing power. They are in for the competition, with each game; they aim at being a better player.

They play and move up the ladder from one level to another. They work hard so that, they either win or win. They keep improving themselves so they can win, not for the money involved but for the intellectual expansion that follows it.

Someone once said, “the money is just a marker of success.” They are less concerned about losing money, as they believe the experience is more important to them.


Blackjack which can also be called Twenty-One has no known origin but it was first seen in the book of Miguel de Cervantes, the Spanish writer. Later in 1956, the first strategy through scientific and mathematical means was devised. Players vs. dealer, and not against each other.

Twenty-one has a 52-card deck as its standard, which is assigned to point value. with each denomination assigned a point value. To win, the total number of cards drawn by the player needs to be close to 21 and not more than the cards of the dealer.

The table for this game is an arc in shape and can accommodate as many as seven players. The game starts by stacking chips as bet just in the betting square in front of the player. After which players and dealers are given two cards each.

Why Play Blackjack?

Blackjack is not just money wasting gambling game; it can be very interesting and exciting. There are various reasons why people love blackjack.

No doubt winning in blackjack needs a touch of luck, but for many gamblers who want to gain experience and expand their thinking, skill is highly important. Those who take the game need to get acquainted with the skills, strategies and mathematical basis of the game. No wonder it is called the gambling game of skills.

Blackjack is not a boring game and the simplicity of this game pulls a lot of people to it. For those who don’t take it seriously but just for the fun benefits, knowing the basics is good enough for them.

Poker and Blackjack are part of the most appreciated casino games in Las Vegas. This is because of the skill and fun benefits they have shown over the years. Although luck is a factor, they both require talent, skill, and expertise for it to be properly played. These games can also be profitable.

Other Non Casino Card Games

Aside from the blackjack and poker games, there are other card games that are fun to play which you can also check out.


This is a card game that was started in America in the 1930s but was popular in the 1940s. It can be played solo or with other people and it involves tricks. World War II made this game quite popular.


The game of Hearts originated from a family called Reversis. In 1750, in Spain, it became fashionable and for every trick won a penalty point is awarded while for catching a J♥ or Q♥, you get an extra point.

Over time, Reversis had more penalty cards added to it, and later gave way for another type of Heart in 1850. In this new variant, 1 point was attached to every heart. Another type of variation named the J♦ variation was introduced in the 1920s and penalty points were changed from negative to positive. The games have become very popular on the internet through gaming sites around the world

Free Cell

It is a solitaire card game that uses the standard deck of 52-card. FreeCell consists of a range of cards that are constant. Here, there is a list of configurations and moves that the individual may need in winning.


Here, you play and aim at removing every card from the table, after you have assembled them on the table. 54 cards are placed facing down except, in piles of ten. The piles are arranged and moved in rank and sequence.


This is a simple card game played by children. It is also known as Slaps or Heart Attack and it is related to Snap. It uses a deck of standard cards. The game is a mixture of Beggar-My-Neighbour and Egyptian Ratscrew.


Klondike or canfield popularly called in North America is a game of patience. It is a well-known solitaire game in Canada. In the 19th century, he became very popular.


Beggar-my-neighbor is also referred to as Strip Jack. It is a simple war type of card game that has brought about a more complicated type of the beggar-my-neighbor, Egyptian Ratscrew. The game was invented in the 1840s in Britain.


The switch game can also be referred to as the Two Four Jacks or in New Zealand, the Last Card. It is a card game that uses shedding and it is quite popular in Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

In switch, the objective is to play off all the cards in a player’s hand, whichever player that plays off all his cards first, is termed the winner. The switch is just like the game Flap, which belongs to the family of the Crazy Eight.

The switch uses a single deck of regular playing cards or when there are large players, they use two decks of standard cards made into one. Every player can play any card that fits with the previously played card.

If a card of seven clubs was player, the next player can either play any card of seven or any card of club. Without having cards of this option, the player may pick up another card to join the ones in their hands.


Rummy is a type of card matching game that matches cards that have a similar suit or rank. In this game, you aim at building melds of three to four sets of similarly ranked cards in sequence.

After a player discards his card into the pile called the “discard pile”, to pick up the card, he will need to take up all the cards underneath the first card.

The game was formed from Khanhoo, a Chinese game, after David Parlett a game scholar considered the game. This technique of rummy was seen in the card games played in China in the 18th and 19th centuries.

As time passes, more and more card games keep coming up. Card games and casino games are played for fun and entertainment.